Friday, May 25, 2012

~Friday's Letters Link Up~

Linking up with Ashley over at Adventure of Newlyweds again this Friday! You should join in too!

Dear Readers, Stay tuned for the final segment of our engagement story, you won't want to miss it!
 Dear Almost Husband, The beautiful bouquet you got me last week, made me smile all week long and I took more pictures of them the other day.

Dear Wedding, Whew! You are exhausting. Why does my  to-do list grow everyday? Also, can you believe that you are next week! WOW! Here are some sneak peaks:
Dear Work, I am abandoning you for two weeks, I am sorry but when I return I'll be a committed full time employee! Please don't be too rough on Amber while she holds down the fort by herself.
My bulletin board at work.

Dear Weather, Do you see yourself? Your plans for Thursday do not look good and if they carry on into Friday I will be seriously upset with you. Please explain to me why you cannot be controlled by my meteorologist almost husband.
Dear Friends, Wow! You have no idea how much I love and appreciate you. Because of yall, I have more wedding stuff done than I could have done alone, my home is a little more put together so my family won't think I'm cracra, I didn't pack a ridiculous amount of  clothing for the honeymoon, and I haven't been so alone in my little town-home. I love you Sarah, Lydia, Kristina and Emily!
My shoes organized! Who would've though that could happen!

Dear Almost Husband, That's right, you get TWO letters! How blessed are you? This past week you won a TV from Sooner Nation because you attended an absurd amount of sporting events this past year. You've been so dedicated to taking care of it and making sure all things for it have been properly assembled. Congratulations on building a home for it!
He reads instructions...
- It's okay to ask for help!
- It's okay to ask your friends to do obnoxious things like organize your bathroom. Thanks Lydia!!
- Got any pearls of wisdom for me? We are one week away from our wedding!!


  1. How exciting!! I'm sure this week will FLY by for you! :)

  2. Have fun this week! Those flowers are gorgeous!


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