Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Liking up with Adventures of Newlweds for Friday's Letters!

Dear Week, Why have you flown by so fast? It's already Friday! I haven't gotten enough done...

Dear Moving, I really hope I don't have to do you a whole lot in life. You are time consuming and beckon my obsessive-organization-and-interior-design-freakness to come out...and then we both know we're not finishing any time soon.
Our First Home Decor
On one of the things I bought for our home, as if I didn't already know...

Dear New Home, You are wonderful! You have new carpet and you're clean! You also don't have noisy, no shirt wearing, neighbors, singing drunk, love, country songs while playing the guitar on the porch...or head, banging music pounding through my walls. However, I did not realize how many little things I was going to have to purchase, why don't you already have a stock of salt and pepper? How come there is not a shower curtain already up? How can I be expected to move, and remember all these random things?
Is it weird that the prettiest part of our home is our bathroom right now?
Dear Old Home, Read above. The only thing I really miss about you are my precious roommates. I miss them, I miss living with them. I definitely cried when they left this past weekend.

Dear Job,  I am so blessed to have you! One thing that I don't have to think and work on. You have also given me many new friends. This week I was finally able to have furniture delivered to the first project I did entirely on my own at you, and that's pretty exciting! 
I made it onto the bulletin board!
I know super exciting, an office, but really this is exciting to me!

Dear Wedding, I want you to be here because I can't wait to marry my man! BUT I am not done getting things done for you. SO much left to do! 14 days!! Aahhh!
My childhood dress up veil, now attached to a barrette for the bachelorette party!
Dear Wedding Coordinator, You are fabulous! Thank you for driving me all over town yesterday and helping me get center pieces and other random things figured out and purchased! I am so so so blessed to have you helping me! (planning a wedding in the OK area? You could use Elizabeth!)

Dear Almost Husband,  Wow. You're incredible. You've helped me move all my things into our new home and you've hardly started on yours. You answered all my help-me stick notes throughout our new home while I was out yesterday..and you topped it off with a sweet note and flowers. I love you and I can't wait to call you husband, forever and always. Thank you for taking such good care of me.  Ps: This sweetness better not go anywhere post wedding...
What I came home to :)

Dear Student Life, All our other friends are getting ready for you now, going to training and hanging out. We won't see you till July but I am getting so excited already. Since I have so much else going on right now, will you just hide away until we are back from our honeymoon? I promise to be super stoked then. (Learn about Student Life)

- Spend time with your Jesus each and every morning. He is your sustainer, your Savior!
- Moving: it's okay to move things around ten times before you're happy with it (and in my case, it maybe be another ten later, good luck living with interior designer sweet man!)
-Planning a wedding and moving? Section off one zone in your home where wedding and only wedding helps!


  1. ugh i hate moving, but it's always worth it! love your blog... i love finding fellow believers on the web :) found you via the newlyweds! xo

  2. I am so excited that you are in a new home! My hubby and I will be moving soon too and I seriously cannot wait ! We deal with noise from neighboring apartments too, and it's not fun at all ! Really glad you are almost all settled!

    & I am having a Stella & Dot necklace ($198) giveaway on my blog & would love for you to check it out :D

  3. OH GEEZ your wedding is so close! congrats congrats! And how fun being in a new home! I hope you can relax over these next few days and enjoy everything! loved your letters, thanks for linking up!


  4. A new home and a wedding in 14 days?! Holy cow that sounds like amazing stuff. I hope the last few days before your wedding fly by :)


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