Monday, May 14, 2012

Days Go By

I'm done, you're kidding?...I'M DONE!...I'm really really DONE!!!!

My what a weekend! I can hardly differentiate between all the days that have passed. So many huge moments and surprise blessings! Plus I've been on the go constantly, I'm so worn out.

But the BIGGEST of them all is that Kevin and I both graduated!!!!! HOORAY!!! WE DID IT! I can't believe it! It's weird that it's all over now, but man that's an awesome feeling.
Headed to Commencement together

Kevin and I after my Convocation

Another huge thing that happened was we got out keys to our new home!!! The Lord has surely provided for us here. In almost one week's time we purchased a mattress with a Groupon (fabulous invention we've used it so much already!), bought a dresser from a friend for great price, bought 2 sofas from my sweet co-worker for an awesome price (they're super soft and we love them already) and bought our table and a few chairs from OU surplus! Pure God people. In between graduation and everything we moved all big pieces of furniture in and all my things minus clothes and bathroom items.
Got our keys!

As part of our Senior Interior Design class final hurrah, we held a Senior Showcase in which we displayed our capstone, our portfolio and anything else from our treacherousfabulous four years we felt proud of. It made for a SUPER long Friday (especially since Commencement was that night) but it was good. My dad and Kevin, and even sweet roommate Kristina got to come in the afternoon and see all the work we had done. It was a special moment.  At the end, we held awards and to my utter surprise ( I am still having a hard time realizing it) I won one! Seriously people, it's unreal. I'm completely dumbfounded.
My booth: Senior Showcase

-I find myself saying this often here, but cherish each and every moment of your life. They every day and even mundane moments are blessing from our Lord Jesus. He's given you a stunning life each and every day, don't wish it all away
-Get to know your friends in college so deeply...they are your family when you're there and they can be your friends for life
- Sleep as much as possible! But don't miss out on super fun moments either. You gotta find a balance.

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