Monday, May 28, 2012

This is my story...

It is wedding week! Crazy! I can't believe I am four days from the a day I've been planning for, for 9 months! SO excited!!

In honor of wedding week, check out our wedding website!

Since I will be out for many days with final wedding arrangements, actually getting married and finally being able to chill out on our honeymoon I am setting up for some guest blog posts. Our guest bloggers will be talking about their story. Here in Norman, I attend Journey Church, where I've been attending since my freshmen year of college. I love this church! I love the people, the pastors, the activities, the groups, the messages and I love that part of Journey's motto is to have a blast! 

One of our recent message series was called this is my story, as you see in the button above. God gives each of us a story to tell. Our story is our life, what we've done and who we've met and how God has shaped us into the people we are. Our story illustrates God's awesome glory and sovereignty.

So our guests will talk about themselves, who they are, how God has worked in their life. It could be their testimony or it could be a snapshot of their life in which God just rocked their world. 

So stay tuned and check in to hear these stories! 
When I return from wedding and new life beginning I will write my own!

One last wedding sneak peak:
Painting our guest signing platter!
See you later bloggers!

- Allow the Lord to shape you, mold you, write your'll be far better than anything you could ever come up with!
- Listen for the Lord in the decisions you make in life, you don't have to make them alone
- Worried about sharing your story? Pray about it and look for new ways to do so. I'm not the best at simply approaching people so this is a perfect way for me to share my story...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Only Sweet Six Days of Singlehood Left

Here it is, the final part of our engagement story! If you've missed the others, check out part one, then part two, before reading today's part three!
The Man. The Ring. The Girl.
Taking a couple steps backward....At some point in the evening after finishing our nails, Kevin came over to hang out for a bit, nothing out of the ordinary. We talked for sure, maybe did some reading or watched a tv show...I honestly don't remember that night except that for some reason I was tired. And in my tired state, I had no energy to determine what I should wear for formal RUSH the next evening. Every so often, I insist Kevin select my attire, and that night I did exactly that. He fumbled through my closet and selected a white dress I didn't wear often, perhaps the last time I'd worn it was to my high school graduation, so I went with it. So basically he selected the outfit he was going to propose to me in!

Leading up to RUSH was a crazy whirlwind. I had gone to work that day, come home to make a dinner...for some reason decided to try a new recipe (pizza casserole, and yes it was good!)...and the dinner had taken longer than I show up to RUSH, a bit late with casserole in hand and then yes I proceed to eat it before potentials (aka: girls that might join) arrived. To my surprise, my BiG shows up and we start discussing when Kevin and I would be getting engaged, then married, etc...knowing good and well the answer to the first. Didn't shake me though, Kevin and I had talked wedding so much, it wasn't weird for me to talk about even without being engaged.

Kristina had me pretend to walk down THE aisle, tricky girl!
 My final night of RUSH came to a close. As I walked to the door, at least two girls smiled at me and told me to have a good evening, mentioning my man was just outside waiting for me. Well that was kind of odd, I thought. Regardless, I skipped outside excited to see Kevin. He stood there smiling but wasn't his usual excited self, at least not right away. We started walking hand in hand through the Union as I asked him what exactly we were doing (side note: we've never just walked campus before so this plan...was kind of different). He told me we were going to get dessert in the courtyard. I recall thinking, well that's funny, you can't get dessert out there...
As the doors to the courtyard opened, I spied a table set up with flowers and candles. The flowers, were the kind we talked about having at the heart leapt and I thought, this is it! He guided me over the to the table, at which point I could see the candles in the shape of a heart, and sat me down (Side note: in the beginning of our relationship, we ate lunch in this courtyard every week). Then He handed me a square note (Side note: on every monthiversary I receive a square note from Kevin, on the front is a note about the present, on the back is our continual love story). I read the front which was a sweet note about celebrating our 22 monthiversary, and then went to turn to the back, Kevin quickly scrambled to take the note away from me and muttered something along the lines of, there's not a back this time.*
 I strangely accepted that and he began to say sweet things slowly, so slowly that I thought I was supposed to respond and then before I knew it, he was on one knee and there was ring! I joyfully said yes and we hugged and kissed and hugged some more. At this point I turned and noticed at a table across from us were two girls, I knew, taking pictures of us....really? How did I not see this?! My oblivion works to my advantage sometimes I guess. After my realization of all this, I started exclaiming, is this real? Did that just happen? Is this real life?...over and over and over...just ask my sweet man, or our stalkers, ;) We loved our stalkers...they even got video of the whole thing!!

*Turns out there was a back to the was about how and when he bought the ring and the many plans and arrangements he made to put together this special night for us.

In Phi Lamb, you are supposed to keep your engagement secret until the next chapter and then we have a special candle service. Sweet man, he thought he planned it timely enough so we could manage that but chapter was off that week and besides that excited friends has already posted about it on facebook. No big deal. Some people were still surprised!
Telling the story at chapter
Our first Church Sunday Engaged!
- How do I follow that up with pearls of wisdom?
- Be willing to let your man propose to you as he chooses, I never saw this coming but it was the sweetest way to do it!

Friday, May 25, 2012

~Friday's Letters Link Up~

Linking up with Ashley over at Adventure of Newlyweds again this Friday! You should join in too!

Dear Readers, Stay tuned for the final segment of our engagement story, you won't want to miss it!
 Dear Almost Husband, The beautiful bouquet you got me last week, made me smile all week long and I took more pictures of them the other day.

Dear Wedding, Whew! You are exhausting. Why does my  to-do list grow everyday? Also, can you believe that you are next week! WOW! Here are some sneak peaks:
Dear Work, I am abandoning you for two weeks, I am sorry but when I return I'll be a committed full time employee! Please don't be too rough on Amber while she holds down the fort by herself.
My bulletin board at work.

Dear Weather, Do you see yourself? Your plans for Thursday do not look good and if they carry on into Friday I will be seriously upset with you. Please explain to me why you cannot be controlled by my meteorologist almost husband.
Dear Friends, Wow! You have no idea how much I love and appreciate you. Because of yall, I have more wedding stuff done than I could have done alone, my home is a little more put together so my family won't think I'm cracra, I didn't pack a ridiculous amount of  clothing for the honeymoon, and I haven't been so alone in my little town-home. I love you Sarah, Lydia, Kristina and Emily!
My shoes organized! Who would've though that could happen!

Dear Almost Husband, That's right, you get TWO letters! How blessed are you? This past week you won a TV from Sooner Nation because you attended an absurd amount of sporting events this past year. You've been so dedicated to taking care of it and making sure all things for it have been properly assembled. Congratulations on building a home for it!
He reads instructions...
- It's okay to ask for help!
- It's okay to ask your friends to do obnoxious things like organize your bathroom. Thanks Lydia!!
- Got any pearls of wisdom for me? We are one week away from our wedding!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Single Digits

We are into the single digits! 9 Days! WOW! 
Today is a continuation of our engagement story, part two. If you missed part one check it out here.

One of the weddings we attended, the groom is an awesome photographer, check him out!

With a blink of an eye, summer was over. We attended four weddings, traveled, did wedding stuff ourselves, hung out with friends, shopped farmer's markets, played outside, read Pride and Prejudice, and watched every single episode of LOST (but that's a story for another time). It was an awesome summer but I was getting antsy...fall semester beginning and I knew it had to be coming...I was just ready for it. "But my finger is naked Kevin," still rolled off my tongue quite regularly, the reply to which was often just a smile or laughter. Still as much as I was wishing it were the very next day or hour, I just knew it was coming on our 2 year made the most sense, and Kevin is a planner soooo why wouldn't it be?
Night of fun at the Union to start off senior year
During this summer my awesome roomies/best friends(Learn more about them ) and I made a pact: since I wouldn't know when the engagement was coming (they did though), it was their job to make sure my nails were consistently looking real pretty. I mean who wants to get engaged and take pictures with half painted nails covered in sawdust (I was taking a furniture design class at the time), right? Kristina took this job seriously and within the first week we actually went to get our nails done!
don't look! Naked finger!

We looked great and we felt great for all of four days...not going to that salon again. So our nails chipped and days went by...until Phi Lamb RUSH started up. (Side note: Since Phi Lamb is not Panhellenic, we do RUSH the second or third week of school. RUSH consists of girls choosing to attend one of three nights, very casual group setting where we talk about Phi Lamb, do a little skit, play games, etc). The first two nights are always casual, we try and wear matching t-shirts at the very least but the third night we dress up a little bit more. Kristina was adamant about us having our nails nicely done for formal RUSH night. And I don't even think adamant describes her pushing and prodding of me, but we'll go with it. So after much persuasion, I stopped at a CVS on my way home after work to get us both some fake nails, her choice, and brought them home with me. We immediately went to work and talked about how insistent she had been...I even joked her saying something like, "Oh Kristina, is something happening soon?" which she slyly responded no and me, being blonde and gullible, dropped it there.
Kris and I looking dandy on formal RUSH night
Having beautiful nails for formal night of RUSH made perfect sense, it was enough for me, so I followed orders from Miss Kristina and we had a great night figuring those weird adhesive nails out. Besides, Kevin and I would be celebrating our 22 Monthiversary (yes we celebrate every one) after RUSH so that would be an additionally good reason for nice nails. We had plans for him to pick me up right after RUSH and take a walk on campus....

- Don't think about everything too much, over analyzing isn't typically a good thing, so let the pieces fall as they will
- Trust your friends and follow their orders, especially when you've made a pact with them
- Enjoy every moment of life without looking ahead too much, you don't want to miss the small memories.

Monday, May 21, 2012

11 Days

Beautiful OU Campus
 In honor of our wedding quickly approaching, here's our engagement story! Part One.

Let's start with how we began to talk about marriage. From the beginning, we both knew we were dating because we both were looking to eventually find someone to marry. So we joked about it here and there, talked about it as a possibility, you know. 6 months in, while attending a family wedding from Kevin's side, Kevin told me he'd like to marry me one day.  I concurred.
At the wedding, he was an usher
 Around a year in, we started talking about it in a more real way. Christmas break came and we both began praying fervently about it, without really knowing the other was. Days before I was about to head back to Norman and Kevin would pick me up from the airport, I just knew. God had given me such a peace about it and I just had to tell him. I thought about waiting but just couldn't so in one of our nightly phone conversations, I told him. He instantly said he'd been praying the same thing and felt the same though he had planned on telling me in a sweet way after picking me up from the airport...I lack patience, clearly.


From that point on, we talked about it often. When would he propose? How long of engagement did we want? What kind of ring should he look for? WHEN WHEN WHEN!? Kevin likes to laugh about how I frequently would explain to him how my finger was naked. Lack of patience playing in there again. His parents teased us, I teased him all the time, yet all along every one knew but me.

Beginning of our summer, our first summer together in the same place, I got an email from Helzberg offering me free pearl earrings if we came in. So we did and I got those free earrings, and the ring shopping began. The afternoon ended, we didn't really talk about it too much. The next weekend, unknown to me, he went back, bought the very first ring I put on, then held onto it...ALL STINKIN SUMMER YALL! I had no clue. In fact, if you ask friends I was 100% certain he didn't have it. For serious.
Afternoon at the park.

We talked about where we wanted to get married. We talked about the date. We talked about colors. We talked about who we wanted to marry us. We talked about our bridesmaids and groomsmen. We talked about everything. I did wedding research and we even attended a wedding show!
you thought I was joking, nope we went and everyone called us Bride and Groom, fakers!

I knew the engagement was coming in the Fall. It had to. There was no way around it. I was fully anticipating a November engagement, on our 2 year...

- I don't exactly encourage prancing around, declaring to your boyfriend that your finger is naked and insisting he dress it..but it made for much laughter and let's face it sometimes boys need you to say it plainly...well that's what I decided
- Talk about engagement with family, friends and people you respect who know you both. You may run into some resistance, in fact you probably will, but having prayer and encouragement from others is so helpful especially in such a life changing decision!
- Pray, pray, pray. Kevin and I talked about being engaged a lot but we wanted to know for sure that God was leading us in that direction. He knows, so just ask Him!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Letters

Liking up with Adventures of Newlweds for Friday's Letters!

Dear Week, Why have you flown by so fast? It's already Friday! I haven't gotten enough done...

Dear Moving, I really hope I don't have to do you a whole lot in life. You are time consuming and beckon my obsessive-organization-and-interior-design-freakness to come out...and then we both know we're not finishing any time soon.
Our First Home Decor
On one of the things I bought for our home, as if I didn't already know...

Dear New Home, You are wonderful! You have new carpet and you're clean! You also don't have noisy, no shirt wearing, neighbors, singing drunk, love, country songs while playing the guitar on the porch...or head, banging music pounding through my walls. However, I did not realize how many little things I was going to have to purchase, why don't you already have a stock of salt and pepper? How come there is not a shower curtain already up? How can I be expected to move, and remember all these random things?
Is it weird that the prettiest part of our home is our bathroom right now?
Dear Old Home, Read above. The only thing I really miss about you are my precious roommates. I miss them, I miss living with them. I definitely cried when they left this past weekend.

Dear Job,  I am so blessed to have you! One thing that I don't have to think and work on. You have also given me many new friends. This week I was finally able to have furniture delivered to the first project I did entirely on my own at you, and that's pretty exciting! 
I made it onto the bulletin board!
I know super exciting, an office, but really this is exciting to me!

Dear Wedding, I want you to be here because I can't wait to marry my man! BUT I am not done getting things done for you. SO much left to do! 14 days!! Aahhh!
My childhood dress up veil, now attached to a barrette for the bachelorette party!
Dear Wedding Coordinator, You are fabulous! Thank you for driving me all over town yesterday and helping me get center pieces and other random things figured out and purchased! I am so so so blessed to have you helping me! (planning a wedding in the OK area? You could use Elizabeth!)

Dear Almost Husband,  Wow. You're incredible. You've helped me move all my things into our new home and you've hardly started on yours. You answered all my help-me stick notes throughout our new home while I was out yesterday..and you topped it off with a sweet note and flowers. I love you and I can't wait to call you husband, forever and always. Thank you for taking such good care of me.  Ps: This sweetness better not go anywhere post wedding...
What I came home to :)

Dear Student Life, All our other friends are getting ready for you now, going to training and hanging out. We won't see you till July but I am getting so excited already. Since I have so much else going on right now, will you just hide away until we are back from our honeymoon? I promise to be super stoked then. (Learn about Student Life)

- Spend time with your Jesus each and every morning. He is your sustainer, your Savior!
- Moving: it's okay to move things around ten times before you're happy with it (and in my case, it maybe be another ten later, good luck living with interior designer sweet man!)
-Planning a wedding and moving? Section off one zone in your home where wedding and only wedding helps!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Top Ten

Yesterday I shared a glimpse of the crazyness that was this past weekend slash entire last week. Today I'm sharing my top ten of GRADUATION. This grand accomplishment seemed to slip by entirely too fast, and I tried desperately to soak in every sweet and awesome moment.

As the procession for the commencement began in the Lloyd Noble Center (Dear Rain, No I've still not forgiven you) a flurry of spectacular moments occurred and I knew if I didn't note them I'd never remember them. So in the sea of black mortar boards I reached into my pocket, snatched my phone, slyly slid it into my hand and proceeded to email myself some of my favorite moments that had occurred thus far.

Graduation TOP 10:

1) Finding my daddy and my parents-in law (to be) in the sea of faces
2) Locking eyes with Kevin from across the room and signing I love you with our hands
3) President Boren looking me straight in the eye and congratulating me, me saying thank you back 
4) Blowing kisses to Kevin from across the room
5)The College of Law Dean recognizing me and congratulating me (working on campus has many benefits)
6) Kevin running up to me and twirling me off the ground after commencement
7) Riding to Commencement with my bestest friends: Emily Reed, Kristina Kave and of course my sweetheart, Kevin Burns
8) Walking across the stage and holding that diploma for the first time at convocation
9) Cheering for my sweet man as he walked across the stage at convocation
10) Having my daddy with me, my almost new parents and sister in law, my almost new grandparents and my awesome fiance much love and support through commencement and convocation

- It's okay to jot things down, or email yourself things! If you want to remember the sweet and awesome moments sometimes it takes more than trying to mentally remember it...there's so many things on our minds these days
- Praise your Savior for the glorious accomplishments He carries you graduating!
- Take a deep breath and soak it all in, it'll fly by without you even realizing it

Monday, May 14, 2012

Days Go By

I'm done, you're kidding?...I'M DONE!...I'm really really DONE!!!!

My what a weekend! I can hardly differentiate between all the days that have passed. So many huge moments and surprise blessings! Plus I've been on the go constantly, I'm so worn out.

But the BIGGEST of them all is that Kevin and I both graduated!!!!! HOORAY!!! WE DID IT! I can't believe it! It's weird that it's all over now, but man that's an awesome feeling.
Headed to Commencement together

Kevin and I after my Convocation

Another huge thing that happened was we got out keys to our new home!!! The Lord has surely provided for us here. In almost one week's time we purchased a mattress with a Groupon (fabulous invention we've used it so much already!), bought a dresser from a friend for great price, bought 2 sofas from my sweet co-worker for an awesome price (they're super soft and we love them already) and bought our table and a few chairs from OU surplus! Pure God people. In between graduation and everything we moved all big pieces of furniture in and all my things minus clothes and bathroom items.
Got our keys!

As part of our Senior Interior Design class final hurrah, we held a Senior Showcase in which we displayed our capstone, our portfolio and anything else from our treacherousfabulous four years we felt proud of. It made for a SUPER long Friday (especially since Commencement was that night) but it was good. My dad and Kevin, and even sweet roommate Kristina got to come in the afternoon and see all the work we had done. It was a special moment.  At the end, we held awards and to my utter surprise ( I am still having a hard time realizing it) I won one! Seriously people, it's unreal. I'm completely dumbfounded.
My booth: Senior Showcase

-I find myself saying this often here, but cherish each and every moment of your life. They every day and even mundane moments are blessing from our Lord Jesus. He's given you a stunning life each and every day, don't wish it all away
-Get to know your friends in college so deeply...they are your family when you're there and they can be your friends for life
- Sleep as much as possible! But don't miss out on super fun moments either. You gotta find a balance.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Today we are 23 days from our big day! I can't believe it! 

From the words of the almost husband: 
"23 days until the wedding! 23 is the number for the greatest basketball player of our days, Michael Jordan. The 23rd Psalm declares "The Lord is my Shepherd." Mr. Eko loved this passage and recited it to the smoke monster. The famous Oceanic Flight 815 departed from Gate 23 and 23 passengers in the tail end of the plane survived the crash. In one of the cooler coincidences, when Jack sees a picture of the island in The Lamp Post, it's dated 9/23/54, add those numbers up and the sum is 23.
All of this to say: I'm so excited to marry you!"
(yes it's true, I'm marrying a LOST fan...and this isn't the only countdown post referring to LOST I've received)

With school basically done, I've been able to get so much for our wedding and moving done. It's been awesome. I love checking things off my list! Nothing like checking one of those little boxes on your list, it's such a fantastic feeling.

And now for some wedding sneak peaks:

My wedding shoes. I'm totally excited about them, coral and pearls? HECK YES!

Remember this post, well here is the invitation finally revealed!

These will be a part of a very special craft, so keep posted to find out!

Oh and this has absolutely nothing to do with our wedding but I'm completely excited about it and just couldn't not share it with yall. Meet Dyson, our new vacuum cleaner! I've been looking forward to the day of owning a Dyson since forever, don't believe me just ask my mom. I'm pumped! Bring on the vacuuming frenzy! I definitely plan on vacuuming our new place with this baby before anything else.

- Shoes: The current trend is to wear a color, or some dazzling heels. I say pick something you're going to be comfortable in and get to wear again! My man is definitely tall enough for me to wear heels and every now and then I freak out that I should have done heels...but at the end of the day I'll be glad I chose my comfy coral flats with pad inserts.
-Selecting a vacuum cleaner: Kevin and I are both hard core planners. We checked reviews, talked to people we know, researched all the models...maybe went over board but to us it's what we needed to do to make sure we wanted to spend on it. 
- Anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me regarding counting down the big day? Anything you wish you knew?

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