Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The wedding is approaching with ever quickening speed and there's still so much happening between now and then! These next few weeks are going to be absolutely insane, and then it'll only pick back up again with final wedding arrangements.

However, despite the crazyness that is life right now, we've got several things to celebrate:

For one, we started pre-marital counseling with Adam Barnett and we are so excited to see what God is going to teach us through this awesome man of God.
This is Adam and his precious family...they've got a second beautiful child on the way.

Second, we received our first couple of wedding gifts in the mail! So fun!
Our first grown-up pillow shams!

Third, we have been officially approved to live at Cedar Lake! Woohooo! Hoping to get our keys on May 10th. Just in time to see it, graduate and utilize all those helping hands, and dad's truck, that same weekend.
This is our floorplan. I love it and it met with all of our wishlist items, well mostly.

 Fourth, this past weekend we celebrated Christ raising from the dead and giving us new life! Thank you God for your Son and for giving us freedom to follow You.
We hid Easter eggs in our walkers classroom at church, one year olds are so much fun!
 Fifth, We recived this super fun mail. Did you know you can invite Mickey and Minnie Mouse to your wedding?

Sixth, God loves us and we love each other, that is something to be thankful about everyday. 52 days!

My goal these next few weeks is to cherish each day ( even though deep down I'm wishing so badly I was past May 2nd and all it's terribleness).

So, thank you God for this new day, thank you for refreshing your promises with each new day, awaken my soul to the small things to be thankful for today. Thank you for loving me, thank you for saving me, thank you for caring for me. In your remarkably gracious Name, Amen.

- Sometimes it helps to reflect on your day and write what you experience that you can be thankful for
-Pray throughout the day, this is something I'm learning to do more too
-Enjoy the small things in life each day. 

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