Thursday, April 12, 2012

Terrific Thursday

Today was a pretty great day. It started out with a normal but good day at work. Then we had our first real session of pre-marital counseling with Adam and are both so thankful for his homework challenges and advise as we press forward. On our drive home we decided to stop at this little side of the road sale. It's like an everyday garage sale at ...ironically a garage, but not a home garage like a car garage shop.

Anyway, we stopped and we found this gem:

And for 15 bucks! We were sold. I love the precious shape of the legs and it's solid wood. While it has a slightly rough top, all it needs is some loving tender care in the sanding department. Kevin and I are excited for this craft project for a weekend sometime this summer. Now for chairs. :)

- Enjoy the little things of everyday life
- Don't miss an opportunity for a bargain
- Don't be afraid to roll your sleeves up and get a little dirty


  1. Your table is cute. :) Are you guys on the lookout for chairs to go with it, or do you have some already? If I go to any yard sales, I can look for you and let you know if I ever find any for a good deal.

  2. Thanks! Yes we are! I am thinking it'd be cute to have a couple different wood chairs..kevin would rather a set of four but if you see one, send me a picture!


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