Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sweet Friendship

In my wildest dreams I never imagined college would bring me such fabulous friendships. Being one of four students from my high school to come to OU, I knew I was going to have to make new friends...and that terrified me. Every prayer before my venture to Norman, Oklahoma included a plea for solid friendships rooted in Christ.

 Fast forward to my first steps onto campus, move-in day 2008, my dad and I were greeted by two friendly girls who helped move some of my crazy amount of belongings. One of them got my phone number and later invited me to activities with the Baptist Student Union (which I'd been hoping to find out more information about), she's married to one my fiance's close friends. God, simply God.

Day two, Saturday, quiet meager person that I am, talked to the one girl on my hall that I sorta knew via Camp Crimson and together we attended this How to get involved on campus meeting. Sitting in the front row, one girl politely asks about churches in the area, she got little response. Meeting is over and what is God telling me? Go talk to that girl Veronica, you're going to Bethel Baptist in the morning with someone, invite her to come along...Me: umm no, I don't talk to people I don't know God, seriously....(more nudging from God....)...okay, okay fine. I'm telling you people this act of bravery was all God inside me, not me, no sir, I didn't go up to random strangers, even nice polite pretty girls my age.. but for whatever reason God gave me the courage in that moment and I invited this girl to go with me to church (with the one other person on this campus I knew, not from my high school, whom I also met via camp crimson). That girl was Kayla Bowden. She quickly became my best friend here in college. We were fascinated by the remarkable similarities to one another (negating the fact that Kayla was/is a jock genius and I'm so not). We tried out different churches, went to activities, ate together, and figured out college life together. God, simply God.

Meet Bestie, She's part of us.

Another story, for another time, is how I got connected to Phi Lamb...but anyway fast forward again with me here for a moment. I began talking to a girl in Phi Lamb, who was also in interior design with me. We talked about her super heroes writing  class, seriously I did not relate, as we walked back to the dorms from class, we carpooled to ArchOnMain ( architecture building on campus was being remodeled so we had class off campus in an old Hobby Lobby store) and we sat near each other in studio. As time went by, for whatever reason she and I decided we should live together. I'd find someone, and she'd find someone and we'd rent something or another. Not sure why we thought this was a good idea, I mean we barely knew each other...and I didn't really know this other girl she hung out with much either. The summer before we were going to move in together I prayed fervently that we'd all get along okay. These two girls were Emily Reed and Kristina Kave. My best friends, and roommates of nearly 3 years now. I wouldn't trade a single moment with them for anything in this world. God, simply God.

God has blessed me with several more friendships in college but these three stand out the most and have been with me through the ups and downs that come with life. I am so honored to call them my friends. So once again: God, simply God.

Pictures taken by Sam Norman. You can see them all here.

- Trust the Lord your God to bring your friendships beyond what you can dream
- Be willing to take that first scary step
- Friendships are worth it!  

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