Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday is a popular theme amongst blog world so I'm jumpin' on the band wagon...

Kevin and I attended a number of weddings this past summer and one of our all time favorite parts of nearly all of them has been the photobooth. We're not talking the kind you find in the middle of malls, no. We are talking, curtain, photographer, lots of props, and as many people as you can fit in the camera shot. They've been great, the photos are fabulous and my favorite part is you can tell how much fun people are having.

So we have begun the collection of props and putting together that part of our wedding. Thankfully, Phi Lamb has given me several opportunities for lots of random costumes. Plus OU likes to give away free things like foam fingers so you betcha that sort of stuff will be there.

Many thanks to Goodwill for these. Little bit of spray paint and these curly stands will hold some props
I put my cov group to work a couple weeks ago and had them cut out some props like mustaches and bow ties from card stock paper. I googled for templates to trace, cut them out, brought out colored paper, and let them run with it. The results are awesome! I spray painted the sticks, bought from Hobby Lobby, and hot glued them to the backs of their creations.

Glasses, hair bows, bow ties, mustaches
I made the signs on the computer, printed them out, and mounted them to foam core board. You can see the way I hot glued the sticks to them below. They are now sturdy and ready to go.

I'm pretty happy with the results and can't wait to see how our guests enjoy them!

- Take the time to go slow and be patient.
- Utilize your friends, you may think they're tired of hearing about wedding but some of them really are interested and want to help
- Google for templates, etc...there's all kinds of ideas out there! 

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