Friday, March 9, 2012

Wedding Update

We are now three months out from our wedding and today being Friday means we are exactly 12 weeks away! Hooray!!!

12 weeks sounds a whole lot closer than 3 months. Right now I'm just looking forward to spring break since Kevin and I are going to begin our home hunt together then and I am super excited.

This past month and half though, Kevin and I have been remarkably productive getting wedding things secured. I love the feeling of checking things off my mental list. It's also been rather entertaining to see our take on different aspects of the wedding.

A few weeks ago we went to the florist and hashed out final details there, I swear Kevin only said like 2 words, "sounds good." Then we go to Al's Formal Wear to try and remedy our terrible idea of selecting a tie online (it came in bright orange...that's not coral my friends... problem).  We walk in the door, I start the conversation and next I know, who's running the show? Kevin! He selects the ties, selects his vest and shirt, and fills out the documents.

What all have we accomplished?
We've spoken with our church and worked out some questions, finalized things with our florist, selected groomsmen attire at Al's, I got my first dress fitting, ordered table cloths, ordered special reception items, ordered biodegradable confetti, made reservations for our rehearsal dinner, my mom has booked our honeymoon, we bought our honeymoon plane tickets, and approved our second invitation sample (you can read about that process here). Invitations and envelopes are being printed and hopefully we will address them over the break.

I'm feeling pretty good with where we are at. If you've done this before, any suggestions for us?

-don't stress about every little detail, pinterest is especially unhelpful on this, so many tiny details on there that are precious but goodness not worth losing your mind over
-work together, even if your man doesn't care so much about the flowers, take him anyway!
-when ordering online, search for coupons by googling coupon codes for the store
-be prepared for meetings, get your lists of questions and goals in place
-have fun!

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