Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

Yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the beginning of Kevin and I's final spring break I told him I was going to prepare us a tasty breakfast. He had no idea what I was going to force him to eat but he happily agreed to my plan and showed up on right on time.

Earlier in the week I'd seen these lovely green pancakes and was inspired.My whole life pancakes have been a huge part of breakfast celebrations in my home but we've basically always made them from the box. In an effort to build upon my wife skills of making homemade meals I decided that I would try and make these pancakes from scratch. So I scavenged the internet and stumbled upon this recipe (and yes don't worry, I've pinned it) and was pumped to discover I already had all the ingredients.

So onward to making them!

No color boost here, that's the real green deal!
Green Eggs and Green Pancakes, complete with green plates!
I was pretty proud of my work.
My hungry man was quite satisfied as well.
 The pancakes were just plain fun to dye green and still looked real tasty. The eggs on the other hand...those were pretty awful to look at dyed green, especially as I cooked them...slimy green isn't really appetizing. I scrambled them hard and they tasted like normal scrambled eggs but I don't think I'll be dying eggs again.

In the car and on our way decked out in green for St. Patrick's Day

After breakfast we embarked on our home search. Kevin has it all organized for us because he is our home search captain and I am the wedding planning captain, call us cheesy but we're loving our co-captain organization. We saw three places and drove around a lot to look for rent homes. We're torn between renting a home or an apartment...suggestions?

- Before you plan to prepare your meal make sure you have all your ingredients. I may have fibbed a bit when I said I had them all...I mean I did earlier in the week but come the morning of...our milk was no more.
- Leave yourself plenty of time to calmly follow the recipe and make sure you measure everything out right, it's not a hard recipe so I encourage you to try it out!
-Serve it up and enjoy! Get creative with the green theme...I think next year I'm going to take it a bit farther.

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