Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Breakin Endin

Spring Break is officially over, my very last spring break as a student. Adios student breaks, I've officially had my last of all of you, I may be using a bit of summer break but that's mostly to move and get last minute wedding details in place and not exactly summer vaca.

But that's okay, I'm good with that because that means that I am super close to being done with school foreva!

I was going to make a spring breakin blog but time flew from me and I didn't do so...also Kevin has practically all those pictures...so my friends, later. Later I will share with you pictures from our apt shopping and mini adventures. I also had started one on our photobooth props but that too must wait till later.

Today I am dedicating this blog to my roomies. That's right Kristina and Emily, it's all about you!...well sorta. Not too long ago a crazy set of books ( I bet you can't guess which) hit my apartment. The first to go was Emily and Kayla (yes, yes not a roomie anymore, doesn't matter) was real close behind her. Kristina followed a little slower afterward. Then when I thought the coast was clear, Janessa jumped in! I am alone.Regardless, their enthusiasm was always entertaining even if I never plan on reading this series.

Well for the first time ever! Emily and Kristina were not together on the midnight premier of a movie....if you haven't guessed by now, we're talking about the Hunger Games people. They decided to wait till they were together to see the movie (aww sweet besties they are).

Here they are all ready to go...
This is Emily's shirt...she made it!
Did you read the comment under that last picture? Seriously, we've got dedicated fans here...Emily is amazing, even if I don't read the books and get the symbol, the shirt is fabulous.

So Since I am not reading this book, what's the story people? Why do you like them and did you enjoy the movie?

-Enjoy books with friends, you can talk about the plots and characters, it's way fun
-Always hold tight to your friendships
-Enjoy all school breaks! 

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