Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Senioritus Begins

Capstone and I have a love hate relationship right now. I enjoy my project and the spaces I'm designing, and I have a great architect partner but I don't feel like putting time into it outside of class. I'd much rather plan a wedding, hang out with my roomies, watch meaningless tv shows like The Bachelor, read leisure books, craft, and spend time with the best fiance I could have ever imagined.

Midterm Capstone Review: 50 days till it's due!
 Besides the only other important class I have is management and I'm pretty good at reading my articles and book on time for class once a week every Wednesday night. Belly Dancing and Personal Fitness don't really require out of class work, and I love those classes!
Who doesn't love finding hidden love notes?

Plus I enjoy going into my office and working like a real person on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Oh and guess what? I've got a full time job awaiting me there come June 12th. Yep I've secured a job and thus paying attention to my school work is even less enticing.

Who wouldn't want to work for these two beauties?
Yet even with all these excellent reasons, I will press on and finish my work well. Senior year is almost over and there are exactly 66 days!

- Don't procrastinate, don't procrastinate
-Focus, focus, focus
-Remember that we are called to do our work in excellence in order to best present Christ

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