Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pink Lemonade Lovin'

Recently, Emily and I had a roommate afternoon where we ran random errands, and made some random decisions. One of which was purchasing an exciting spring baking mix and icing:
Yes you read that right, Pink Lemonade cookie mix! Talk about exciting! We exercised self control on actually baking them until today when we had the lovely Miss Kristina home to join in on the fun.
When it comes to baking, we aren't too concerned on the looks of our creations, only the taste, so you'll have to excuse our blob-shaped cookie goodness.
While Kristina and I allowed them to cool, Emily couldn't stand the wait and ate a straight-out-of-the-oven-toasty-warm lemonade cookie...okay, okay, we gave in after seeing her very satisfied face...but we did allow the rest to cool and tried to prettyfully ice them:

And now we are ready for spring break! Bring on the sun, sand and water...oh wait I'm not going to Florida this year :(

-Only bake with friends, you'll share more smiles this way.
-These are super easy to bake and so they don't require much advice
-Bake these now!

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