Friday, March 30, 2012

The chalkboard

Remember this post? I am finally revealing what Kevin and I did with that painting-picture-board-thing I showed you a while back.

Every photobooth needs a good chalkboard, right? So, we searched the frame section at Goodwill (have I mentioned how much I love that place?) for a board that would fit our size requirements (Kevin was particularly concerned about the size) and walked out the door with this one for a buck!

I began by peeling off the "painting"...but that didn't want to come off nicely so I gave up on it and flipped to the other side. (The front, now bac,k looked pretty rough and I later covered it with color corresponding paper.)

 Next, paint. I went to Walmart expecting to have to purchase some brushes and paint but found out they now produce chalkboard spray paint! Well that was handy dandy so after a good clean swipe of the board I sprayed on three thin layers of the paint.

It works!

Second Step, fix those tarnished edges. I had tried to spray paint the edges a pretty coral color but it was just not covering so I came up with another idea. I stocked up on ribbon at hobby lobby last time I was there and decided that would be a good fix.

Sewing scissors, ribbon, hot glue......

Third Step, cover the hanging indention. Since I chose to use the back side there was this long indention at the top of the board. I decided much earlier that I'd cover it with a bow. Problem is, I'm not a fabulous bow creator so I did some searching and came across this tutorial. (Note: since my ribbon isn't double sided, I didn't make it out of one continuous ribbon piece. Each layer is separate from each other and then hot glued together. ) camera, deal with the flash

I'm pretty excited about the finished product! Did it in under an hour (well after the spray paint had dried) and it was pretty easy too. I'd recommend giving your chalkboard skills a try.

Thanks roomies for the fun message!

-Spray as even and smoothly as you can, you don't want a bumpy writing surface
-Don't be alarmed if it doesn't "feel" like a chalkboard
- If you're going to cover the back in paper like me, do it before you ribbon but after you paint. I attached mine with hot glue and it's holding together nicely
-I lined one edge of the ribbon along the top back edge of the board and slowly worked my way around the board, then I folded it onto the surface of the board and slowly hot glued all the way around.
- The bow has a lot of hot glue holding it down to the surface of the board
-Did I mention how much I love and use hot glue? It's my best but seriously, it is. (ah the life of an ID major)

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