Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Blue is a Teenager!

Her model shot, she's like 3 here.
Today is a huge day! I know I said that about last Friday but today is bigger in the personal lives of the Sitten clan. Today my littlest baby sister turns 13 years old! It's also 3 months till Kevin and I's wedding day and our 28th dating monthiversary! But this post isn't about me, it's about Cheyanne Blue turning 13! I swear it was just the other day that I left 5th grade early to go see her in the hospital.

As usual, we are celebrating this occasion with pictures! I don't have any real baby pics of her but my how she's grown just in the past five years. I hope you enjoy the many faces and poses of our baby. We love you Cheyanne Blue! Have fun with your teens and never forget we'll be there for you always!

(Note: pictures are not necessarily in chronological order)

Veronica and Blue Day at the Mall
Thanksgiving at the park-2006

Checking out OU-2007. She'll be a Sooner one day....
Our Uncle's puppy, she loved when she came over.
Oh that face!
Family Picture-2006 I think.

My graduation lunch at church

Hanging with our cousin Jordan
Christmas 2008
funny faces

Christmas on the Beach
We made her into Ursala!

ICE exhibit- aka Adventure Day
Hanging out on the dock

Spring Break 2011

- Enjoy every moment with your little siblings
 -Take lots of pictures!
-Look back and smile...God is good All the Time!

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