Friday, February 17, 2012

Week Round Up

 What a week!

 At chapter last Sunday I gave a devo on giving all things up to God, relinquishing control and laying it on the altar. I played this song which got me through my senior year and felt excited about the freedom I was experiencing in trusting the Lord.

Monday. 1:30. Studio. My computer framing decides to threaten snapping in more will I carry my laptop out and about. Top that off with feeling behind in capstone.

Then came Wednesday, commence meltdown...aka me taking back all I gave to God again. Sweet man of mine tried desperately to break through to me in my hour long poor-stressed-ID-senior-working on-her-capstone-and-doing-a-thousand-other-things-like-planning-a-wedding-and-thinking-of-my-mom pity session. Well that is not how I am called to live, and thankfully I have an amazing fiancé to remind me in those moments. God is joy friends! He gives us pure new joy every day and we are called to act on that and to give all things up to Him.
Capstone...filling up the rest of my semester...

So let's combat that attitude and look back at a week of a few joy-filled moments captured by the ever faithful camera on my phone.

That is the face of a very satisfied one year old demolishing a cupcake. No worries friends, she only had half a doughnut before this and bounced off the walls giggling loudly afterward.

My gift to Kevin for Valentines Day. It's a compilation of pictures that created our Fall 2011 semester.

Cov group craft time! I forgot to snap pics of all the end results but we basically made random creations from paint chips! (Ps: I did not just go steal paint chips, being an ID major you tend to collect way too  many of them)
This was my creation, I think I'm going to frame it.

- Remember God is in control even when your head is spinning 

-Pray first, lean on your friends/family second.

-Read that Bible!

-Find joy in the small things.

Pinterest pinning just what I needed to see!

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