Monday, February 13, 2012

Pearls, Pearls, and More Pearls

 Let it snow! Thank you President Boren for a morning off, I did get at least one class cancelled and it's currently sleeting outside sooo maybe we could extend that cancellation?

apartment complex in snow...

But this post isn't about our minor snow fall. It's about my mommy who's been crafting up a storm for the wedding. She's been working on decor and also has a bridesmaid's gift she's in charge of.

My beautiful mommy, cancer has taken her hair but not her beauty. She is a strong lovely lady and an inspiration to my sisters and I always. We love you mommy!
She and I tried again and again to determine what we wanted to do for the wedding at Christmas. Although I absolutely adore Pinterest it has made me crazy indecisive regarding wedding decor. I honestly don't know where to start but when my mom caught a glimpse of these beauties, she was determined to make something similar.

The craft store was our first stop for Styrofoam balls and plastic pearls. Then she got to work:

We're thinking we're going to look online for bulk plastic pearls next to save $$, any ideas as to where to look?
Tacky glue proved to work well though it meant it didn't hold quickly. We considered hot glue but we're afraid of it  melting the Styrofoam
just the beginning

She recently finished one and sent me a picture but it was basically a flash of white coming from her phone. Still she's super excited so therefore I am too. I know she's doing a marvelous job.

- Think about everything you want to include in your wedding and come up with a theme...this isn't easy and believe me I still don't have mine totally figured out.

-Let your mom join in on the fun!

-My mom balanced our pearl foam ball on a tall standing cup and it worked great!

-Do sections of a time so the glue can properly dry and you don't have any coming off.

-Have some fun with it! Don't like pearls? Pick up some sparkly jewels or cover in fabric or ribbons...pinterest has ideas galore!

Coming soon: What are Kevin and I going to make out of this? We're taking guesses...

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