Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Months are Closing In

 Today we are four months out from our wedding day and we're celebrating out 27th Monthiversary. That's right, we celebrate every month. Sometimes we go out for a treat, other times we celebrate with a movie at home, and sometimes it's simply just being in one each others company. Today we are going to Sonic, an ice cream creation for me and a milk shake for Kevin (he'll probably be getting vanilla...this is totally boring in my opinion but makes him happy).

It's absolutely insane to me that in four short months we will be husband and wife! Everyone says oh it'll go by so fast, and goodness it's so true. In less than four months I will complete my portfolio and my crazy capstone project, apply for jobs, hopefully land a job, hopefully find a place to live post wedding, attend my final Phi Lamb Epangelia (our spring formal), for that matter-attend my final chapter (which happens to be the same day as a shower being thrown for Kevin and I), finish my final year of college, pack and move away from my loyal apt357 and my sweet lovely roomies, graduate and oh yeah finalize plans for that wedding!

Thankfully, the has my back and reminds me of all the things we need to accomplish. Sure makes me feel good to see that we have 121 days left...oh and 117 things left to Kevin put it, "we'll get one done every day, no biggie."  Not quite that easy but thanks for the thought sweet man. Anybody else have a love/hate relationship with the

 Really, I'm not too concerned. We've got this! Kevin has been especially helpful and part of every part of the process ( minus the dress) and we've enjoyed doing the work together. We can't wait to share out special day with our family and friends. We're praying through all the decisions we have upon us and we look forward to all that He's leading us towards.

Oh and since we're on the count down: Save our Date!!

 Love, the Future Burns <3

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  1. Pearls:
    -Take everything slow and breathe in deep, everything will work out eventually
    -Enjoy the ride of wedding planning
    -Despite the busyness of it all always make time to spend with your future hubby <3


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