Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Woes/Wins

Here in O357 we've decided our kitchen is absolutely positively determined to make us fail. We thought we'd be extra awesome this super bowl and make some snazzy treats.
You see, we have an obvious awesome talent for creating beautiful baked goods.
Despite their appearance, they tasted wonderful. In honor of our beloved O357 kitchen, we discussed all of our epic wins one evening and the lovely Kristina wrote about it on her blog. I've posted her blog post below so you can read her description of it, her writing is decidedly more entertaining so go ahead, read on:

"...our kitchen is cursed.

Or possessed.

We haven't come to an official conclusion yet.

Don't laugh, we have proof.

For example, items mysteriously dive bomb off of fridges and cabinets in hopes of ending their sentences here at the Commons. This week it was my waffle iron, may it rest in peace. This has occurred with a cup and one or two glass pans.

When suicide jumping fails, there is also spontaneous combustion. Maybe the glass pan was just trying to help though. Surely pieces of glass would have tasted just delightful mixed in with Kevin's birthday twice baked potatoes. (No worries, we didn't actually feed anyone these potatoes)

I can completely understand the plight of our kitchenware. I mean, the kitchen is infested with roaches. I open the cabinet and see a roach crawling on it and it's disgusting. I can't imagine if I were the plate!

And yet, this isn't the only way in which our kitchen is cursed. Basically, our kitchen hates baking. Especially when we try to bake together. There is always something that goes wrong. It is obviously an issue with our kitchen considering that Emily, Veronica and I are pure culinary geniuses. And are perfect. We don't make mistakes. At all.

So, when I add red food dye to the batter instead of vanilla (the spice rack made them switch places) and Veronica forgets to add the chocolate to her red velvet bar recipe (the island was stealing her memory) or muffins come out looking like mountains, valleys, and everything in between - in the same batch - you know it has to be something else at power. Clearly.

Mysterious curses aside, our kitchen is most definitely a place within our apartment with many memories (like when Emily and I put the wrong kind of soap in the washer and made a HUGE mess). A night of baking always leads to silly stories and often fun pictures. It might be possessed, but we still love it all the same. I just hope it lets us leave this year with some kitchen appliances."

Despite it all, we've adored living here together! Three years of tons of baking, cooking and lots of mistakes but plenty of laughter and fond memories...

Our First LAST day of classes as undergrads at OU 

-Bake with friends
-Read instructions, once, twice, and possibly three plus times...
-Enjoy life always, even in the apparent disastrous moments (aka Kevin's 21st Birthday dinner)

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