Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Concert Worth Seeing

Last night Kevin and I went out to see Mat Kearney live in concert at the Diamond Ballroom (this venue is another conversation for a later time, bizarre place but pretty cool). I never really used to go to concerts before this Kevin man walked into my life. He took me to see TobyMac when were freshmen (he puts on quite a show), and several others.
I know you wanted a pic ...we looked good freshmen year! See that awesome burn mark on my forehead? Yep I totally burned myself with my curling iron...talented I know.    

Anyway, back to Mat Kearney, KSBJ in Houston used to play his Nothing Left to Lose all the time. Kevin has shared with me more of his songs since we've been in college and the more I hear, the more I love it. His newest CD, Young Love, is great and has the song Hey Mama which has been pretty popular lately so needless to say his concert last night was fabulous, even with the random/strange moments.

We were pretty close and it was probably the first time in the Diamond Ballroom where I didn't have to stand on my toes the whole time!

Before Mat Kearney came on though there were two opening show acts. The first dude was pretty cool and adorable, see here. The second dude was ...well he was strange and I mean I'll give it to him that he's talented... he can sing and he can do some awesome things with his guitar but the dude is weird, see here. Seriously he had a too big shirt on his and it was unbuttoned to mid-chest...I did not need to see that.

As Robert (aka weird guy) was playing, a guy in the audience near us kept saying rather loudly, "I hope this is your last song, I want Mat Kearney." Back track, before the show started the girls he was with gave him a hard time for tweeting at Kearney about 20 or so times during the week, this guy was pumped to see him. When Kearney finally started the guy sang every song and in the middle of his show, Kearney came into the audience. He gave some girl a hug and she crumbled after he left, that was funny but not half as funny as when Kearney came up by the guy who was pumped to see him. The guy gave him a big hug and got a picture with in the middle of the song! It made his night! This all happened within inches from me, I totally could have touched Mat Kearney, it was pretty sweet to be that close. Mat Kearney is a fun performer and he even pulled someone from the audience to help play a song with them.

It was a great show, even with the pretty tipsy people begging others around them to get the party started, and Mat Kearney even did a mini rap session about the night (adding that someone grabbed his tush, his word choice, when he went out into the audience). He ended the show with my current fav and then Kevin and I ran to the car in the cold. Great night! Check out more pics below:

--On another note, Kevin and I checked out Goodwill today and found a great item for a wedding craft...check back later to find out what it is.

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  1. Pearls:
    -Get to concerts early so you can see
    -Learn songs before going to concerts
    -Take a best friend like my Kevin


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