Friday, February 24, 2012

Not Just Any Friday

Today, Friday February 24, 2012  is a big day. Today we celebrate! Today, we prepare for more celebration coming soon. Today we will don our boots and hats and walk proudly proclaiming the good state of Texas! Why? It's GO TEXAN DAY of course.

We Houston Texans have been enjoying this day for 50 years now and it's as big of a deal as the Fourth of July (okay, maybe not quite as big but pretty darn close). "If you're unfamiliar, Go Texan Day is held the Friday before the rodeo kicks off. People are encouraged to dress in their finest western wear as a means of cultivating the Rodeo spirit" (courtesy of

And if yall don't know what the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is all about yall ought to take a vacation down there and check it out, cause I ain't just gunna explain it to ya. ;)

 "Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation
in every sense of the word"
- Author John Steinbeck (Check out some awesome Texas quotes here)

In honor of this momentous occasion some pictures for yall:
I made this senior year of high school working off a picture of my sisters and I from when I was in like the 5th grade. I'm the oldest there.

Kevin and I in Western jealous

" I think Texans have more fun than the rest of the world"  
- Choreographer
Tommy Tune

-"Pledging allegiance to the Texas flag is still optional, but dressing like a “Texan” isn't." (Houston Chronicle).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Week Round Up

 What a week!

 At chapter last Sunday I gave a devo on giving all things up to God, relinquishing control and laying it on the altar. I played this song which got me through my senior year and felt excited about the freedom I was experiencing in trusting the Lord.

Monday. 1:30. Studio. My computer framing decides to threaten snapping in more will I carry my laptop out and about. Top that off with feeling behind in capstone.

Then came Wednesday, commence meltdown...aka me taking back all I gave to God again. Sweet man of mine tried desperately to break through to me in my hour long poor-stressed-ID-senior-working on-her-capstone-and-doing-a-thousand-other-things-like-planning-a-wedding-and-thinking-of-my-mom pity session. Well that is not how I am called to live, and thankfully I have an amazing fiancé to remind me in those moments. God is joy friends! He gives us pure new joy every day and we are called to act on that and to give all things up to Him.
Capstone...filling up the rest of my semester...

So let's combat that attitude and look back at a week of a few joy-filled moments captured by the ever faithful camera on my phone.

That is the face of a very satisfied one year old demolishing a cupcake. No worries friends, she only had half a doughnut before this and bounced off the walls giggling loudly afterward.

My gift to Kevin for Valentines Day. It's a compilation of pictures that created our Fall 2011 semester.

Cov group craft time! I forgot to snap pics of all the end results but we basically made random creations from paint chips! (Ps: I did not just go steal paint chips, being an ID major you tend to collect way too  many of them)
This was my creation, I think I'm going to frame it.

- Remember God is in control even when your head is spinning 

-Pray first, lean on your friends/family second.

-Read that Bible!

-Find joy in the small things.

Pinterest pinning just what I needed to see!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pearls, Pearls, and More Pearls

 Let it snow! Thank you President Boren for a morning off, I did get at least one class cancelled and it's currently sleeting outside sooo maybe we could extend that cancellation?

apartment complex in snow...

But this post isn't about our minor snow fall. It's about my mommy who's been crafting up a storm for the wedding. She's been working on decor and also has a bridesmaid's gift she's in charge of.

My beautiful mommy, cancer has taken her hair but not her beauty. She is a strong lovely lady and an inspiration to my sisters and I always. We love you mommy!
She and I tried again and again to determine what we wanted to do for the wedding at Christmas. Although I absolutely adore Pinterest it has made me crazy indecisive regarding wedding decor. I honestly don't know where to start but when my mom caught a glimpse of these beauties, she was determined to make something similar.

The craft store was our first stop for Styrofoam balls and plastic pearls. Then she got to work:

We're thinking we're going to look online for bulk plastic pearls next to save $$, any ideas as to where to look?
Tacky glue proved to work well though it meant it didn't hold quickly. We considered hot glue but we're afraid of it  melting the Styrofoam
just the beginning

She recently finished one and sent me a picture but it was basically a flash of white coming from her phone. Still she's super excited so therefore I am too. I know she's doing a marvelous job.

- Think about everything you want to include in your wedding and come up with a theme...this isn't easy and believe me I still don't have mine totally figured out.

-Let your mom join in on the fun!

-My mom balanced our pearl foam ball on a tall standing cup and it worked great!

-Do sections of a time so the glue can properly dry and you don't have any coming off.

-Have some fun with it! Don't like pearls? Pick up some sparkly jewels or cover in fabric or ribbons...pinterest has ideas galore!

Coming soon: What are Kevin and I going to make out of this? We're taking guesses...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Woes/Wins

Here in O357 we've decided our kitchen is absolutely positively determined to make us fail. We thought we'd be extra awesome this super bowl and make some snazzy treats.
You see, we have an obvious awesome talent for creating beautiful baked goods.
Despite their appearance, they tasted wonderful. In honor of our beloved O357 kitchen, we discussed all of our epic wins one evening and the lovely Kristina wrote about it on her blog. I've posted her blog post below so you can read her description of it, her writing is decidedly more entertaining so go ahead, read on:

"...our kitchen is cursed.

Or possessed.

We haven't come to an official conclusion yet.

Don't laugh, we have proof.

For example, items mysteriously dive bomb off of fridges and cabinets in hopes of ending their sentences here at the Commons. This week it was my waffle iron, may it rest in peace. This has occurred with a cup and one or two glass pans.

When suicide jumping fails, there is also spontaneous combustion. Maybe the glass pan was just trying to help though. Surely pieces of glass would have tasted just delightful mixed in with Kevin's birthday twice baked potatoes. (No worries, we didn't actually feed anyone these potatoes)

I can completely understand the plight of our kitchenware. I mean, the kitchen is infested with roaches. I open the cabinet and see a roach crawling on it and it's disgusting. I can't imagine if I were the plate!

And yet, this isn't the only way in which our kitchen is cursed. Basically, our kitchen hates baking. Especially when we try to bake together. There is always something that goes wrong. It is obviously an issue with our kitchen considering that Emily, Veronica and I are pure culinary geniuses. And are perfect. We don't make mistakes. At all.

So, when I add red food dye to the batter instead of vanilla (the spice rack made them switch places) and Veronica forgets to add the chocolate to her red velvet bar recipe (the island was stealing her memory) or muffins come out looking like mountains, valleys, and everything in between - in the same batch - you know it has to be something else at power. Clearly.

Mysterious curses aside, our kitchen is most definitely a place within our apartment with many memories (like when Emily and I put the wrong kind of soap in the washer and made a HUGE mess). A night of baking always leads to silly stories and often fun pictures. It might be possessed, but we still love it all the same. I just hope it lets us leave this year with some kitchen appliances."

Despite it all, we've adored living here together! Three years of tons of baking, cooking and lots of mistakes but plenty of laughter and fond memories...

Our First LAST day of classes as undergrads at OU 

-Bake with friends
-Read instructions, once, twice, and possibly three plus times...
-Enjoy life always, even in the apparent disastrous moments (aka Kevin's 21st Birthday dinner)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Concert Worth Seeing

Last night Kevin and I went out to see Mat Kearney live in concert at the Diamond Ballroom (this venue is another conversation for a later time, bizarre place but pretty cool). I never really used to go to concerts before this Kevin man walked into my life. He took me to see TobyMac when were freshmen (he puts on quite a show), and several others.
I know you wanted a pic ...we looked good freshmen year! See that awesome burn mark on my forehead? Yep I totally burned myself with my curling iron...talented I know.    

Anyway, back to Mat Kearney, KSBJ in Houston used to play his Nothing Left to Lose all the time. Kevin has shared with me more of his songs since we've been in college and the more I hear, the more I love it. His newest CD, Young Love, is great and has the song Hey Mama which has been pretty popular lately so needless to say his concert last night was fabulous, even with the random/strange moments.

We were pretty close and it was probably the first time in the Diamond Ballroom where I didn't have to stand on my toes the whole time!

Before Mat Kearney came on though there were two opening show acts. The first dude was pretty cool and adorable, see here. The second dude was ...well he was strange and I mean I'll give it to him that he's talented... he can sing and he can do some awesome things with his guitar but the dude is weird, see here. Seriously he had a too big shirt on his and it was unbuttoned to mid-chest...I did not need to see that.

As Robert (aka weird guy) was playing, a guy in the audience near us kept saying rather loudly, "I hope this is your last song, I want Mat Kearney." Back track, before the show started the girls he was with gave him a hard time for tweeting at Kearney about 20 or so times during the week, this guy was pumped to see him. When Kearney finally started the guy sang every song and in the middle of his show, Kearney came into the audience. He gave some girl a hug and she crumbled after he left, that was funny but not half as funny as when Kearney came up by the guy who was pumped to see him. The guy gave him a big hug and got a picture with in the middle of the song! It made his night! This all happened within inches from me, I totally could have touched Mat Kearney, it was pretty sweet to be that close. Mat Kearney is a fun performer and he even pulled someone from the audience to help play a song with them.

It was a great show, even with the pretty tipsy people begging others around them to get the party started, and Mat Kearney even did a mini rap session about the night (adding that someone grabbed his tush, his word choice, when he went out into the audience). He ended the show with my current fav and then Kevin and I ran to the car in the cold. Great night! Check out more pics below:

--On another note, Kevin and I checked out Goodwill today and found a great item for a wedding craft...check back later to find out what it is.

Friday, February 3, 2012

"I do not just sit around and draw all day"

This morning when I got to the office I went through my usual routine of checking emails. This generally is the equivalent of reading about half of them, the ones that matter, and deleting the other half, all those Groupon and mass OU emails ( I mean seriously? No I don't want to enroll in another class, sorry I'm not going to do your random survey, and no career services you can't help me, you don't seem to understand my profession).

One of the emails I actually read was from Linked In ( if you haven't heard of it you should check it out, find me here)who understands my profession and sends me articles related to it every Friday. This Friday one of the articles was entitled, ‘Confessions Of A Designer’, What Goes On In A Designer's Mind. Well that sounded interesting to me so I opened it up, see here. Through a series of word art images they rolled through things us interiors folks many good ones! Tara, Amber and I had a good ole' time laughing through them. We hung our personal favorites in the office and I put a copy at my desk as well, they're that funny.
Personal favorites:

This article reminded me of the many times people, yes possibly you, don't understand at all what we do. Say it with me now, an interior designer is not the same thing as an interior decorator. "Oh but wait they're not, you ask? Definitely not. As an interior designer, I understand much more about the actual building structure than a interior decorator. "So you don't just pick curtains and hang them up," you ask? No, absolutely not ( oh and by the way we say select).

Let's turn to infamous Wikipedia:

" [Interior Designers are responsible for] turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities that are to take place there... implies that there is more of an emphasis on Planning, Functional design and effective use of space involved in this profession... include arranging the basic layout of spaces within a building as well as projects that require an understanding of technical issues such as acoustics, lighting, temperature, etc." ---that's a lot more than hanging curtains.

compared to:

"Interior Decorator applies to those practitioners who specialize in arranging interiors in various styles"-- aka they pick and hang the curtains

Well that's all for your mini lesson. Have a great Friday everyone!

Want to learn more? Follow Shelly Zhu, she posts often about the days in the life of an interior designer student working on capstone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Months are Closing In

 Today we are four months out from our wedding day and we're celebrating out 27th Monthiversary. That's right, we celebrate every month. Sometimes we go out for a treat, other times we celebrate with a movie at home, and sometimes it's simply just being in one each others company. Today we are going to Sonic, an ice cream creation for me and a milk shake for Kevin (he'll probably be getting vanilla...this is totally boring in my opinion but makes him happy).

It's absolutely insane to me that in four short months we will be husband and wife! Everyone says oh it'll go by so fast, and goodness it's so true. In less than four months I will complete my portfolio and my crazy capstone project, apply for jobs, hopefully land a job, hopefully find a place to live post wedding, attend my final Phi Lamb Epangelia (our spring formal), for that matter-attend my final chapter (which happens to be the same day as a shower being thrown for Kevin and I), finish my final year of college, pack and move away from my loyal apt357 and my sweet lovely roomies, graduate and oh yeah finalize plans for that wedding!

Thankfully, the has my back and reminds me of all the things we need to accomplish. Sure makes me feel good to see that we have 121 days left...oh and 117 things left to Kevin put it, "we'll get one done every day, no biggie."  Not quite that easy but thanks for the thought sweet man. Anybody else have a love/hate relationship with the

 Really, I'm not too concerned. We've got this! Kevin has been especially helpful and part of every part of the process ( minus the dress) and we've enjoyed doing the work together. We can't wait to share out special day with our family and friends. We're praying through all the decisions we have upon us and we look forward to all that He's leading us towards.

Oh and since we're on the count down: Save our Date!!

 Love, the Future Burns <3

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