Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Invite You to Share In Our Joy

In an effort to keep costs down on our wedding, we decided it would be reasonable, easy and of course fun to design our own wedding invitation (and by we I mean me with Kevin telling what did and didn't work each time). I realize that interior design and graphic design are two different fields, though they do relate to one another, and I figured since I design presentation boards that surely an invitation wouldn't be all that bad.

Well it wasn't quite that simple. For example, have you ever realized how many different ways one can word a wedding invitation? I didn't until I was randomly flipping through Martha Stewart's wedding website and found Martha's step by step instructions on invitation wording etiquette, see here.

With the wording down I started to research various styles of wedding invitations, of course Pinterest offered several but I also checked out download and print. Next was to get started and see what I could come up with.
 Our first round:
I was liking the stripes for some reason, but Emily quickly pointed out that gray was not anywhere in out color scheme. In addition, I wasn't feeling the heart it felt clip-art to me, Kevin suggested to try our initials.
So here was our second round:
Better but, the colors weren't right.
Round 3, 4 5:

See the differences? I know, they're quite miniscule. Stripes weren't working out so well, the darker the stripe the harder it was to read and we couldn't figure out a different color. Also, Kristina said it sort of looked like an old fashioned movie ticket. Our wedding theme is us, Kevin and I- things we love together, and while we both love movies it wasn't quite the look we were going for.
Thus came round 6:
 I changed the orientation, kept the border and initials but went for an arrangement similar to a design I'd seen on the invitation website I posted above. Still the flowers were sort of clip art to me and it didn't flow right. The colors needed changing as well, and the fonts... well I wanted to try other options.
Round 7:
 Round seven was pretty close to perfect but while we loved the cursive writing it didn't really feel like us, it felt more traditional and formal. We plan for our wedding to be fun so we needed a more playful font. Also, the colors needed adjusting still. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to try and get the right coral color on a computer?) Round eight was the one! Not posting it here today as we want it to be a surprise.

I won't be playing graphic designer again for a while. All in all, I enjoyed it and felt it went pretty well. (No need to go into detail about how the resolution was off and thus forcing me to redo the invitation like three more times after round eight...)


-If you plan on designing your own make sure you have plenty of time for several rounds, especially if you're picky like Kevin and I.

-Get your wording right. You don't want to offend family members. Also there are more fun and personal ways of writing wedding invites these days, so look around and don't settle if you're not completely happy with it.

-I used Microsoft Publisher at first but later transferred into Adobe Photoshop...I'm sure there are much better programs but these are what I had available to me and found them to work out pretty well.

-Your invitation is sort of the first peak into your wedding that guests will get. Make it personal, relevant and informative.

What is everyone else doing, already have done? I've heard Michaels has great options as well...

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