Monday, January 9, 2012

Inviting the Maids

Selecting my bridesmaids was actually the first thing I solidified for the wedding. The next then was to figure out a way to ask all of them. Oh there's the wonderful movie depiction of all the ladies having a brunch, smiling and laughing the whole time...but my chosen ladies happen to be all over the place so that wasn't exactly an option. I'm a crafty person and so I also wanted to do more than a simple phone call. And that's when I discovered Pinterest. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I mean really, how did people plan weddings without it? Well okay I'm exaggerating but I think all of us have found the joy of Pinterest.

Anyway I was searching on there and I found this: DIY Bridesmaids Invite
I loved the sweet idea of putting them into it and allowing them to see who all would be a bridemaid. It also allowed me to sort of demonstrate my vision for their dresses. I wanted to take it a step further though. I chose to give each of my girls their actual hair color and style. In addition, I changed up their dresses a little since they would be selecting their own style. 

I followed Once Wed's instructions on dimensions and they worked out great! I used construction paper I already had at home and the dress colors were from paint chips I collected. I hand wrote the actual invitations as well. I don't claim to have calligraphy writing style but I was happy enough with what I came up with. 

And thus we have the finished product:

I am really glad I did it and all of the ladies loved them! I also made up one for the flower girl and ring bearers which was fun. It took absolutely forever since I have eight bridesmaids! Absolutely worth it hands down.


-Definitely give yourself some time, especially if you have eight or more. You want to give each of your ladies a beautiful invitation and if you have a limited time you'll end up rushing and making small mistakes (which if you're anything like me, stick out to you forever).

- Using paint chips was great! The paper was thick and I was able to make sometimes two dresses out of one chip. Best part: they're free!

-Using construction paper is definitely the best financial decision but if you're not careful it will tear easily. 

-Have a blast doing it! 

How are you asking your maids?


  1. I am doing the exact same thing! That's so funny! I found the same idea on pinterest and gave mine out last week! The girls LOVED them! You will have to read my post whenever I get it up! :)

    Yours look great! You have a couple more than I do, so I know it must've taken you a while! I was getting tired of cutting all the hair pieces out haha! When is your big day?

  2. Oh yes the hair was the most tedious part! I definitely will read yours! I'm just getting started on this blog business, I'm enjoying it and trying to get the wedding projects I've worked on.

    We are getting married on June 1, 2012. You?


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