Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Break Wrap Up

A week ago I was updating the blog, wearing shorts and contemplating heading outside for some sun time. This week, I find myself bundled from head to toe, even packing an extra pair of socks to keep my toes warm while I'm in the office. Granted, today has been "warmer" than say the past few days but still my shorts are folded neatly in my drawer and probably won't be coming out soon. Time to enjoy some beautiful pictures of the Sunshine State and feel warmer inside at the very least.

That awesome tree up in the left corner was at a restaurant my mom and I went to. You don't see those sort of trees just anywhere! It was amazing and so I took a picture, at my mom's request. The rest of the pictures were taken at my favorite beach, Passe-A-Grille. If you ever get a chance to head down toward that piece of perfection, GO!

Christmas break was completely packed. Wonderful family friends threw me a beautiful wedding shower, I searched for a dress, made some crafts, cared for my sweet mom, visited with family and went through some of my old things. Christmas Break in pictures commence:

Round the Clock Wedding Shower
Hosted by: Georgia & Alex Pennington
 Didn't Georgia and Alex create a beautiful table?
Petit Fours
 My mom couldn't be there so she created the favors: purses
crafted out of paper, accented with a pearl and heart key chain. 
 Wedding Piggy Bank from family in Michigan. The butt
says Kevin and Veronica.
Some of the lovely friends I enjoyed the day with.
Paige, Rachel, Alex, Camryn

Hanging out with a Best Friend!
Miss Rachel Gabler
 Of course we had to make something, and this time we refrained from baking in the kitchen and turned to scrapbook paper, scissors and glue! We made tons of these things! Thank you Pinterest!

Christmas Day
Sitten Girls Style

Dad gave us new Christmas pajamas, you can see some of Ginger's dorm gifts set up on her bed in the middle, and Ginger's gift to Kevin and I were bride and groom Mickey hats!

Dress Shopping!!!
My mom insisted we take Peabody, the penguin, so Kevin could be there in spirit with us. (Peabody was given to me on our 6 Monthiversary and he goes everywhere with me)

These are my most favorite bobby pins. They are long, wavy so they still look pretty, and they actually hold my hair. I've used my current ones so much they're looking pretty decrepit. During the summer Kevin and I searched forever online for them. While I was in Florida we went to Target and low and behold there they are! I've pretty much determined that they're only sold there.
Garage Cleaning Day:
I tried to sort through my mom's garage and in between combining boxes and trashing junk, I decided to go through my big box from my room and found some treasures:
 Alex, Me and Camryn: this is how we lived our lives when we were young. We were always together!
 The 'Stangs! That's right I still chant Memorial Mustangs with pride but why on earth I decided to keep paper signs...I don't know. They went to the dumpster after this...
 This is my 8th, perhaps 7th, birthday party. Dress up sleepover of course! My mom made us a runway, snapped our pictures and made the frames for my girlfriends. (I'm the one holding a fake flower, don't even say anything about that dress, it was awesome back then!)
Keychains! I used to collect these suckers like crazy. Here is a shoe box filled to the rim with them. I don't know what to do with them yet so in the meantime they will be kept in this box.
When my dad came he took the Veronica boxes to Houston. Yay! Finally my things are in only two states!

My dad in Florida!!!
We look good all grown weird to see a family picture of everyone all grown up! My mom looks stunning here in her wig :)

Breakfast with the Mommy
My mom and I went early out for breakfast one morning before one of her appointments to the Lucky Dill. The interiors of this quaint restaurant were awesome! They had so many different rooms each with a different theme. We also met a cute old guy who goes there almost every morning. He talks to the waitors and they all know him by name.

Job Application Preparation
 Whoever thinks college kids get too long of a Christmas break is seriously wrong. At some point or another we all do school related work!

New Years Celebration!
In Florida you can go to the grocery store and pick up one of these bad boys. After we watched the ball drop we headed out by the lake and started lighting some on the sidewalk. It was a blast until we heard fire trucks coming our way...we frantically gathered everything we had and took off running. My mom later felt guilty for "leaving the crime scene." Turns out we weren't who they were looking for...some high school boys in the complex next door were.

And that is the end of my final month long Christmas break as a college student ever. Now school has started and it's time to begin scheduling pre-marital counseling, more wedding appointments, creating crafts for the wedding, getting ready for graduation, apply for jobs and oh yeah focus on capstone!!

133 Days Left!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We Invite You to Share In Our Joy

In an effort to keep costs down on our wedding, we decided it would be reasonable, easy and of course fun to design our own wedding invitation (and by we I mean me with Kevin telling what did and didn't work each time). I realize that interior design and graphic design are two different fields, though they do relate to one another, and I figured since I design presentation boards that surely an invitation wouldn't be all that bad.

Well it wasn't quite that simple. For example, have you ever realized how many different ways one can word a wedding invitation? I didn't until I was randomly flipping through Martha Stewart's wedding website and found Martha's step by step instructions on invitation wording etiquette, see here.

With the wording down I started to research various styles of wedding invitations, of course Pinterest offered several but I also checked out download and print. Next was to get started and see what I could come up with.
 Our first round:
I was liking the stripes for some reason, but Emily quickly pointed out that gray was not anywhere in out color scheme. In addition, I wasn't feeling the heart it felt clip-art to me, Kevin suggested to try our initials.
So here was our second round:
Better but, the colors weren't right.
Round 3, 4 5:

See the differences? I know, they're quite miniscule. Stripes weren't working out so well, the darker the stripe the harder it was to read and we couldn't figure out a different color. Also, Kristina said it sort of looked like an old fashioned movie ticket. Our wedding theme is us, Kevin and I- things we love together, and while we both love movies it wasn't quite the look we were going for.
Thus came round 6:
 I changed the orientation, kept the border and initials but went for an arrangement similar to a design I'd seen on the invitation website I posted above. Still the flowers were sort of clip art to me and it didn't flow right. The colors needed changing as well, and the fonts... well I wanted to try other options.
Round 7:
 Round seven was pretty close to perfect but while we loved the cursive writing it didn't really feel like us, it felt more traditional and formal. We plan for our wedding to be fun so we needed a more playful font. Also, the colors needed adjusting still. (Do you have any idea how hard it is to try and get the right coral color on a computer?) Round eight was the one! Not posting it here today as we want it to be a surprise.

I won't be playing graphic designer again for a while. All in all, I enjoyed it and felt it went pretty well. (No need to go into detail about how the resolution was off and thus forcing me to redo the invitation like three more times after round eight...)


-If you plan on designing your own make sure you have plenty of time for several rounds, especially if you're picky like Kevin and I.

-Get your wording right. You don't want to offend family members. Also there are more fun and personal ways of writing wedding invites these days, so look around and don't settle if you're not completely happy with it.

-I used Microsoft Publisher at first but later transferred into Adobe Photoshop...I'm sure there are much better programs but these are what I had available to me and found them to work out pretty well.

-Your invitation is sort of the first peak into your wedding that guests will get. Make it personal, relevant and informative.

What is everyone else doing, already have done? I've heard Michaels has great options as well...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Inviting the Maids

Selecting my bridesmaids was actually the first thing I solidified for the wedding. The next then was to figure out a way to ask all of them. Oh there's the wonderful movie depiction of all the ladies having a brunch, smiling and laughing the whole time...but my chosen ladies happen to be all over the place so that wasn't exactly an option. I'm a crafty person and so I also wanted to do more than a simple phone call. And that's when I discovered Pinterest. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I mean really, how did people plan weddings without it? Well okay I'm exaggerating but I think all of us have found the joy of Pinterest.

Anyway I was searching on there and I found this: DIY Bridesmaids Invite
I loved the sweet idea of putting them into it and allowing them to see who all would be a bridemaid. It also allowed me to sort of demonstrate my vision for their dresses. I wanted to take it a step further though. I chose to give each of my girls their actual hair color and style. In addition, I changed up their dresses a little since they would be selecting their own style. 

I followed Once Wed's instructions on dimensions and they worked out great! I used construction paper I already had at home and the dress colors were from paint chips I collected. I hand wrote the actual invitations as well. I don't claim to have calligraphy writing style but I was happy enough with what I came up with. 

And thus we have the finished product:

I am really glad I did it and all of the ladies loved them! I also made up one for the flower girl and ring bearers which was fun. It took absolutely forever since I have eight bridesmaids! Absolutely worth it hands down.


-Definitely give yourself some time, especially if you have eight or more. You want to give each of your ladies a beautiful invitation and if you have a limited time you'll end up rushing and making small mistakes (which if you're anything like me, stick out to you forever).

- Using paint chips was great! The paper was thick and I was able to make sometimes two dresses out of one chip. Best part: they're free!

-Using construction paper is definitely the best financial decision but if you're not careful it will tear easily. 

-Have a blast doing it! 

How are you asking your maids?

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