Thursday, December 29, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress

After saying yes to the man on September first, I finally said yes to my dress this week! I waited over three months till I was home in sunny Florida with my mommy and two little sisters to begin the dress hunt. Within 24 hours of landing in Florida I had already booked three appointments for myself at dress shops. Simple minded me thought surely right after Christmas will be a good time to go, most people should be at the mall or still enjoying Christmas with family. I quickly realized how wrong I was and learned that post Christmas is considered Bridal Christmas. Apparently, everyone gets engaged around this time of the year...?

First call was to David's Bridal who informed me they had an opening at 12:30 on the 26th and none on the I took the 12:30. Such an odd time to go dress shopping, my sisters were practically on floor starving by the end of the appointment. The second call I had made was for Alfred Angelo, similar company to David's Bridal but they don't have an answering machine service and don't take calls if they're with a customer. Kudos to them for giving brides special attention but not cool for brides like me who can't get through till like the fourth or fifth call. I took the cancelled appointment of a bride for noon on the 27th however. Ginger was particularly excited for this appointment. For those of you who don't know, Angelo carries the Disney Princess Bridal line. The third and final appointment I called was for a small bridal boutique close to where my mom and sisters live, Clearwater. I chose this random boutique after finding they carried the designer line of a dress I'd fallen in love with on the knot. I took a chance and made an appointment there for ten...leaving little time to get to Angelo.

My Pearls of Wisdom on Dress Shopping:
-Always always always make an appointment, you don't want to be that awkward bride wandering the store for an hour in hopes that some other bride finishes quickly...I saw this and I promise you don't want to be her.
-Pull pictures that you like of dresses and note why you like particular dresses. And of course bring them!
-As every good wedding magazine/website/expert says try and go between 4-6 months out [ I'm around 5 months out from my date]
-Bring as few people as possible. All I had was my mom and two younger choice ever! And make sure they know your style and people you trust.

David's Bridal was eh okay. Don't get me wrong it was still fun and I enjoyed trying on dresses but I just didn't love being in there with so many other people and screaming babies... there's only so many people I can take at a time. Nevertheless, we narrowed our favorites there to three and called it quits for the day. Day two, we started at the boutique. The woman there was absolutely lovely and I adored every minute we were there. She promised to stay within my budget and looked at all my pictures ( I don't think David's Bridal lady looked at one) and best of all we were the only appointment there. She didn't have the dress I had seen on the knot but she had other options. Ironically the first dress we pulled to try on, and the fifth one I actually put on, was the one! Mommy cried, Ginger ran around the room holding back tears, and Cheyanne's eyes watered. Veil on, practice dance moves, walk the aisle and done deal! The woman at the store even gave me the Kleinfeld's experience and asked me if I was ready to say yes to the dress. I knew I'd be a fast dress selector but who knew it'd be this fast!? Best of all I got a fabulous deal on a designer gown! Needless to say as excited as we were for Disney gowns at the Angelo store, we never made it there... and since they don't answer their phones I also never cancelled my appointment, oops. 

All in all, I loved being there with my mom and sisters. My favorite people. They pushed me to try something different along the way but in the end gave way to my full skirt obsession and helped me pick the perfect dress! Bring on wedding day!

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  1. What is the name of the boutique? I am recently engaged in the Tampa area.


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