Friday, November 21, 2014

Writing On Tables & The OCC Party

Wow, where did this week go yall? It's been a ghost town on this blog...last week and weekend were such a whirlwind that it left zero time to blog. Though I did draft one up on my ipad on the plane. 

But last week I did share about an organization that holds a special place in my heart, Samaritan's Purse's Operation Christmas Child. I did get totally behind, though and didn't get a chance to link up with the Beautiful Exchange, like I had shared about.

Kevin and I organized a party with our life group to assemble the boxes. Everyone knows, no party is complete without some good food so we made it a Friendsgiving!

On our facebook event, everyone signed up for what they wanted to bring. No one was up for cooking the turkey. so Kevin and I opted for  picking up some from a BBQ place...yep we had BBQ turkey as part of thanksgiving meal...and it was delicious among all the other fabulous prepared dishes.  I was so full!

Our party was actually held at one of our group member's restaurants, Chik-Fil-A in our local mall. He closed the gate up to the dining section and we made it our own little party room. I so loved sitting at the long table with everyone. We prayed, shared what we were thankful for about our group and laughed, boy did we laugh! Every time we hang out with this wonderful group of people we leave with sore cheeks from all the laughter. I love it.

After eating we all grabbed our box supplies and started putting together our boxes. I had asked for extra supplies from Operation Christmas Child so we had some stickers and bookmarks, and all the labels we could ever need. It was fun to see what other people picked out for their kiddos.

Seeing all the boxes stacked up, prepared with so much love and care just blessed my soul. I adore this organization and I simply love getting to share it with friends and am overjoyed seeing how much they loved it too. 

Box notes: using plastic boxes allows kiddos to keep the box for other needs they might have, such as holding food, or gathering water...also, wrap the inside of your plastic box but don't wrap it shut, OCC checks for the $7 shipping fee and looks through things to make sure it's all good to go.

Our Chik-Fil-A owner had been wanting to find a time for everyone to write Bible verses on the bottom of the dining tables at his restaurant, so once our boxes were assembled we went to it. Tables were constantly being turned upside down with at least two verses written on the bottom of each. It was a pretty fantastic site and I almost took a picture of the bottom of every single table but restrained myself.

And, we really put a lot on our agenda for this get together, we made some snowflakes with encouraging messages on them for a local school. One of the ladies in our group found a way for us to get involved in the community so we jumped on it.  I think we laughed most about paper snowflakes than anything else. It was pretty hysterical watching the competition that ensued about snowflake cutting.

Operation Christmas Child boxes are due THIS WEEK! Don't miss your opportunity to join!

And we waked out to this:

When was the last time you made paper snowflakes?
Ever written verses on the bottom of tables?
Tell me about your Operation Christmas Child box!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Magic is Coming

Sunday, I had a text message sent to me that stated "ALERT: Christmas Magic is officially HERE!"

We, among with many of you, had a good accumulation of snow on Sunday. I have to say, it definitely does put you in the Christmas spirit. But for reals yall, it's not even Thanksgiving yet...though I honestly, can't believe that it IS NEXT week. Kevin and I are prepping to trek all the way from Norman, Oklahoma to Troy, Michigan. That's 15 hours for you curious types. We have a Jim Gaffigan book and The Best of Me on audio for the drive.

Since I shared several of my Fall Favorite DIYs a little late, maybe I'll be able to get ahead better and share my favorite Christmas DIYs earlier this year...maybe.

I do have one today though! A reader recently emailed me that she gave my Nativity Pallet diy a try and put her own spin on it....LOVE! I think this is one of my most favorite emails I've ever received! I am so thankful to see my little project inspiring one of you. Plus, how much more awesome is her version?! Seriously...I might be a little jealous of the lights addition.

Here's her message:
Hi! I’m Larissa. ..  I love your pallet nativity! I don't have a lot of room outside my apartment, and this was a great way to decorate in a small space. My husband even drilled holes and strung lights to make stars, except for THE star, which I painted around a pre-existing hole. Thanks for the great idea!

 Christmas magic DID in fact show up at Starbucks recently. And in other news, I have my phone back! After 10 days without a phone, I finally have one...that's a story for another day. PLUS I'm loving jamberry nails...and that's all for this random Tuesday...

What's your favorite Christmas DIY?

Whatcha got going on this week? My week is jam packed! It's going to be crazy town in the Burns' home until we leave for that road trip next week.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Quiet & Loud Moments

I'm pretty sure every new month I think wait?! Where did ____ go?! And the coming of November is no different. I swear October was over in a flash...and yet some of these pictures feel like they happened many months ago instead of just last month!

With Paisley's birthday, a trip to Texas, halloween fun, the corn maze, a trip to the pumpkin patch, football games and just random life going on, it was a full full month. November and December promise only even more things on the calendar. I'm working hard to focus on the present, be fully rooted in my Christ and His teaching, and enjoying every quiet moment in between the loud ones.

How will you be preparing for these two crazy months?!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Paisley Grace Turns 2

Well folks, today I'm in AUSTIN, TEXAS learning about the science and history behind plastic laminate, thank you Wilsonart. The perks of being an interior designer. I thought I'd share about Paisley's second birthday today while I'm away.

About a month ago, we celebrated our puppy girl turning TWO years old! My goodness, where did my cuddly, little, furbaby, puppy go?? I miss her littleness but I sure don't miss her puppy teeth. She's turned into quite an obedient, and pleasant pup and we completely adore her. She is definitely our "child," only difference is she puts herself to bed and we only have to feed her twice a day. ;)

Kevin made her a new video to celebrate her second birthday, just like last year. I wasn't sure last year's could be topped but I think I've already watched this one ten times since we posted it to youtube.

We also celebrated her big day with a trip to her favorite place, the river. She had a BLAST and we took tons of pictures. We love our precious puppy girl.

Happy Birthday Miss Paisley Grace!

How do you celebrate your puppy's birthday?!
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