Friday, August 29, 2014

Deadline Days

Dear Husband, I've missed you this week. Between my late nights at work and your sickness we've been apart a lot and I am so very looking forward to tomorrow. Thank you for taking tomorrow off. It may have originally been just for the OU football game but I'm so excited about our 5K and rest of the day plans before game time. It's a sweet thing to have you with me on Saturday. I love you more with every day. I can't even imagine a man that would be a better fit. The Lord truly has worked in us, making us the best fit for one another. I love you! 

Dear Paisley, I'm glad your obsession with your new ball has slightly decreased. I love watching you play with it, I mean it's adorable, but that squeaky noise gets annoying. You are precious to your dad and I. Would you please drink from your water bowl when you're outside? It kind of worries me that the bowl is still pretty full when we come home at the end of the day. It's hot girl! Drink up! Or as your daddy says everyday to you, hydrate or die (except that's rather morbid...). Love you puppy girl!

Dear Deadline Days, You're not all that different from the final days before a project is due in school. It's kind of weird for me being at a firm where deadlines are actually real. At my previous job deadlines were more or less set by ourselves with no real consequences when they were not met. You've brought on late nights this week and that's not real "fun." I have to say though, you're far more enjoyable than school deadlines. It's fun having a crew of people who have good attitudes and enjoy working together. 

Dear Home, You are precious to me. I mean to say that I enjoy you, I'm blessed by you. The Lord gave me you and I am so thankful for you. I know sometimes I get caught up in the comparison game and wish you were bigger or more upgraded or that we owned you... but really I like you a lot, in fact I love you, you know in a safe way. You are slowly looking more and more like us and I'm enjoying the little projects you enable us. Thanks for having a garage, yard and lots of storage. Now, if you'd just fix your wiring issues, and get us a new owner who wants to change out your flooring I'd be thrilled to pieces.

Dear Blogging, I put you on hold for a long while. It wasn't cause I didn't like you, I mostly just decided to put my time into other things. I'm back or at least sorta back. I'll be here more often but probably not the same pace as before. You understand, right? It's not you, it's me.

Dear Sooners, Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow you are touching the field again for a new year of playing football. I'm excited! You know something, I'm mostly excited for your new crew. The freshmen that have joined your team and will stand on the bleachers hollaring for ya. They're starting a big, new, exciting part of their life. Get ready for tomorrow guys because we're expecting a WIN! BOOMER SOONER!

Dear Lifestream, I can't describe what you mean to Kevin and I. It's funny really, because before we graduated and got married I didn't really participate in you too much. I wasn't the student who had  to be at Lifestream every week and I definitely didn't serve there, I served in the Kid's Ministry. You've changed my life and my heart forever these last two years. I'm so pumped to get to pour into you for a third year. Let's go make fishers of men! Let's change this city for Christ's Name! Bring on the revival!

Dear Football Season Decorations, you make me happy. That is all.

Dear Half Day Friday, I'm hoping you are actually a half day! 

Dear Sunrises, You've been stunning lately. I mean take-my-breath-away beautiful. I can't help but stare at you and just say, wow, every morning. It's pretty much a miracle I've not run off the road. I took the picture above of you last week. Couldn't help it, I had the camera and I had to try. I have to say, I did a pretty darn good job but no camera ever really captures you.

Dear Readers, check out what I've found this week:
Barre Classes coming to Norman
I've got to know, have any of you done this before? I'm so excited to see if this is anything like ballet!
This link-up announcement, I love re-living the past so I'm excited to jump in!
This lady's free printables that are beautiful! Think my printer can handle printing them all?
This kissing challenge for married couples. 
These breakfast muffins look delicious and they're healthy! win!
Tone It Up's Labor Day recipes...get in my tummy!
This Texas shape chalkboard, in love! (couldn't find the original source)
This awesome hairdryer organizer
This beautiful Pride and Prejudice copy. Dear husband, I think this would fit in my stocking. :)
What are you up to this weekend?
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's FOOTBALL Time in OKLAHOMA: Easy Football Decorations for the Home

Football season is here yall! Everyone is talking about it, tickets are being sold, it's here. Everyone in Oklahoma is ready to cheer on the Sooners for another exciting season.

I'm considering putting swapping our wedding pic for a pic of us at a football game...

Since last year I was up to my eyeballs studying and didn't decorate for anything except Christmas, I thought this year I could have a little more fun with FOOTBALL SEASON decorations. I'm not ready for Fall but we can decorate for football without decorating for fall.

Here are my three easy football decorations all made from things I had in my home or yard. 

1. T-Shirt/Fabric Banner
This is so easy! If you have a sewing machine, some ribbon, t-shirts and/or some fabric then you're ready to go. This is a great way to use up old school t-shirts and still get to see them!

1. Choose a shape and start cutting: Mine was mostly determined around using an old OU t-shirt for my middle piece. Cut that first piece out and use it as a template to cut through the rest of fabric/t-shirt. The number you cut out is determined by how long you want your banner.

2. Grab ribbon and lay it out: I pulled out some ribbon from my ribbon stash and just chose the longest one. Then I put the OU flag in the middle and built off from there. I wanted to a random look but you could easily go for a pattern. I chose to pin the end flags and stack the rest up in the order. You could pin the whole thing if you'd like. I'm just lazy. You can either sew the ribbon to the front or back, or you can fold the fabric over the banner. I chose to sew the ribbon onto the front. Whichever you decide make sure you've pinned it that way.

3. Get to sewing: At this point you're ready to sew. Hit that pedal and pull in each flag as it comes their turn. When you're done, hang it up and enjoy!

2. Football Jars
This one was a little tougher. I made this a couple years ago so I don't really remember everything about it. There's already tutorials out there so go check out pinterest for some others' tips & tricks. These jars made great utensil jars, which was their first use, flower vases, flag holders...really anything.

1. Choose some jars and paint: Choose jars that are similar in size and shape. Get some brown paint and paint it on. Mine kept bubbling up and peeling off. My only solution was to let dry and paint again and again. You might see if someone had another tip for this.

2. Paint the white: This is pretty self-explanatory but then you'll paint on those white "string" lines.

3. Finish it off: Like I mentioned, I made these a couple years ago and they still look just like they did when I finished them. My trick is to spray them in a clear spray paint when you're finished.

3. Fabric Flowers
I've made these once before but never did make a tutorial on them. Once again these were made with t-shirt fabric that I already had lying around. The sticks were from the neighborhood.

1. Make the cuts: Cut circles or flower shapes out of our t shirt fabric. I would stack 3 or four layers and cut through them all at once. You want about a 2-3" diameter. I just eye-balled it. Make a TON of these.

2. Gather the sticks and turn on the glue gun: Yep that's the next step. You want thinner sticks so you can really fill your jar up with them. The get that glue gun ready.

3. Form the flowers: Fold a circle/flower shape in half and again in half and cut a tiny hole out of the middle. Slide it over a stick, dab some glue around and then squish the fabric tightly to the glue around the stick. A "flowery" shape will naturally form. Do this for each stick and place in your jar. If you want fuller flowers, add more petals to each by just gathering each piece towards the center of itself and glueing it to the stick.

4. Chalkboard Art
You do need a chalkboard for this one. I made mine a while back with a board that used to have samples on it. Just get creative. Keep your eye out for a good shape at secondhand shops and garage sales, eventually you'll find something you love.

1. Find inspiration: I'm not a graphic artist so I usually copy something off the internet straight up. This time I sort of put a few things I saw together.

2. Chalk: I used regular chalk for this but I've heard great success with the chalk pens. If you're using regular chalk you're going to want a wet cloth and a dry cloth. The wet will help you clean up mess-ups but you need that dry to smooth the board out, otherwise you'll see the wet remains at the end.

3. Display: Find a place in your home to display it! I took a picture immediately because I have a black dog with a swiffer for a tail, but really, and ours is on the floor. Our board is big so it has to be there.

So those are it! Do you have any easy football crafts? I'd love to see them!!

Oh and of course, no post is complete without my lover lab in it. We missed "dog day" so here are some pictures I would have posted from recently.


Clearly she loves when I craft.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Timehopping, footballing, and blogging

a sweet phone pic from recently

So I caved and finally got onto the whole timehop bandwagon. I have to say the little dinosaur guy on the app is basically adorable. I can't believe it's taken me this long to do this. I'm getting sappy already. Today, two years ago I was uploading wedding pictures, and one year ago I was starting to study for the NCIDQ...which I've passed and I'm giving all the praise, honor and bragging rights to God!

I went on a run last night, and it was HOT. I'm serious, the high was 101 so you can imagine that at 6:30pm it wasn't that much "cooler."

Our small group friends got Paisley a new ball to play with. I give them props because it has proved to be indestructible by our destructing-dog but she's been completely obsessed with it. And it has a squeaker. It may be adorable but it's also annoying to hear her just constantly sqeeking that thing. This is the most obsessed she's ever been with a toy.

Kevin began fantasy football this past weekend. Which basically means he sees a "need" to watch every football game ever. So in other words, see ya next summer babe! He's in two leagues this year. I thought that was a lot until our cousin promptly informed me that her husband is in five. FIVE yall! 

Our home has been Soonerfied and it's awesome. I'll share some of that later this week. The first football game of the season is THIS SATURDAY! I can't believe it! All those little freshmen babies have been on campus for two weeks and hopefully most of them will be attending their first game this weekend, oh my first game...

This is the first semester beginning that I've not been on campus for and yet it's the first time that I've really felt the excitement of freshmen coming on campus. The Lord is stirring yall. I am so excited for what He's doing here in little-town Norman, Oklahoma in college students! 

Yes, it's true Kevin and I have been watching Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, that's all I have to say about that.

I miss Karla being in blogging world something awful but at least Samantha and Holly have been back at blogging again! Go check those pretties out! 

You can now watch youtube videos on pinterest without leaving pinterest! This means I can flip through all the work-out videos I want, faster! Here's my work-out board.

I found out I have an under-active thyroid. Something I wasn't sure I was going to share but well there it is. This means there's finally a reason for my insane weight gain and inability to fight any of it off. I'm praying that now that I'm getting that back in order that my body will get back in order and function correctly.

and basically those are some random thoughts for the day... what are some random things going on in your life?

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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Love Story: The First Kiss Picture

If you're new around here you can catch up here.

The spring semester brought on a fairly consistent schedule of classes during the week, church, phi lamb events, and date night. The beginning of the semester included celebrating Kevin's birthday, ice skating, playing in the snow, an interview, our first valentine's day, bowling and of course lots of studio projects compounded with creating my portfolio for portfolio review. 

Kevin's birthday was on a Thursday so we celebrated just the two of us the day but planned to have a lot more fun celebrating at our, now regular, spring semester ice skate with friends. I wanted to secretly surprise Kevin with his favorite cupcakes so I had a couple friends come over to my apartment to help with the decorating process and drive over to the rink with. In between slathering sugary goodness over the cupcakes Kevin and I were having our first fight. otherwise known as a basic miss-communication. He was upset with me for hanging out with friends and not allowing him over or ride with me to the rink. I smiled at the expense of his frustration while doing my best to keep from erupting with frustration myself. I knew it wouldn't last and it would all be over once his face saw the cupcakes. 

Sure enough, I walked in the door with this enormous box, waddled it over to the bleachers, popped off the cover and the birthday boy gleamed. Cupcakes were shared with smiles and then we slid onto the ice, each of us wobbling around till we balanced out and got the feel for it. Ice skating was infinitely better with a boy who liked to ice skate and was good at it too. We flew around the rink, holding hands, taking pictures, laughing with friends. I soaked in each minute 

As the evening closed, Kevin gave his camera to Trey, his best friend, to take a picture of us that didn't include one of our arms in the corner. He did what we asked of him and then he held the camera at ransom, promising to throw it across the ice unless we stood kissing for a picture. I argued pointlessly with him until we both gave in, resulting in our first kissing picture, the first of many more to come.

Freshmen year brought so much snow, classes were cancelled for days. This year brought less snow but still a couple days off. Kevin plowed his way to my apartment and picked me up for some fun in the snow with friends on campus. I wore jeans, trying to be a little cute, an outfit choice I regretted fully later on. We hung out with friends, took more pictures-of course, and got so incredibly cold. After wandering campus and getting cold to our bones we opted for a movie in a warm dorm room. 

Kevin and I spent most of the time chatting to each rather than watching the movie. 

We were a few months into dating now and I wasn't getting tired of him even in the slightest. It was alarming but so sweet. I was falling for this tall, thin boy and I didn't want to stop it. It scared me but it thrilled me. 

Back in the fall, Kevin had convinced me to apply to work for StudentLife camps. I hesitantly filled out the paperwork, otherwise read as Kevin filling out half of it for me. As fate would have it I qualified for an interview, and the time had come. The interviews were being held in Dallas. Kevin planned out the whole day for us including a dinner with some of his previous summer team members. He talked excitedly about the opportunity our whole way there, while I sat in the passenger seat fretting. We arrived at the interview site and made our way to the room. We sat as I walked through things in my mind to remember. Then they called my name.

The interview went far from well, at least in my opinion, but it was the end that stuck in my mind. I held onto it. At the end of the interview, one of the men prayed for me. He prayed that if Kevin and I dating was something in His plans, and something the Lord was working for the benefit of his children that he would continue to strengthen us. But if that we were not to continue to date that He would give us clarity and begin to break us apart now before it went on too long and hurt even more.

It was a prayer that I would continue to pray through the entirety of our dating relationship.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Date: Night at the Ballpark

Play Ball!

Ah baseball, a classic American summertime favorite. When Cassie emailed me about this link-up idea I was all in because I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. At the beginning of the summer Holly invited Kevin and I to attend a Red Hawks game with her and her sweet man. I love going  to baseball games! Love the atmosphere, the game, the people, the music. It's all so fun. A great summer time date night!

SO in July, Holly and I and our husbands went downtown OKC for a baseball game.

Our double date night was made even better because it was Holly's BIRTHDAY! 
Happy belated Birthday to the prettiest, kindest and most thoughtful lady! I love being your friend and I'm SO honored you allowed me to spend your birthday with you! 

Ballpark Date Night
1. Attend the Game
2. Pick up some game time food from concessions
3. Enjoy the Game
4. Laugh at the in-between sillyness
5. Take pictures
6. Talk, laugh, and enjoy each others' company.

Now link up your date night idea with us!

Details you need to know:
1)      Create a post that has a date night idea or shows a date night that you did that others could replicate.
2)      Add this widget to the bottom of your post.
3)      The link up will be live Friday, Aug 22 at 7am CST and run until Monday, Aug 25 at midnight CST. Add your post url to the link up during this time.
4)      Visit and promote some of the other posts on the link up!

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