Friday, October 13, 2017


I haven't opened Blogger to write in quite some time, actually over a year ago when I sliced my thumb. Update: surgery went well and I'm able to do nearly everything I was before. I'm still sorta numb and still can't easily bend my thumb but God healed me and gave doctors and surgeons incredible wisdom and talent to get me here! I'm amazed about how the body can heal.

Today, I'm here back on my little blog to share some news we've been eagerly awaiting the day to share! Many moments of tears, frustration and even anger led up to this day. Also, many moments of gratitude and praise led up to this day. God has walked us through this challenge through every feeling I went through. Admittedly, I've not always had the best attitude. I found myself fighting myself through waves of selfishness and a sense of entitlement over these last few years at times. There's been some serious ugly. But my husband held us strong through it. He drew us to prayer and reminded us of where God was leading us. He opened up scripture and he allowed me to work through my ugly. He reminded me of our early promise to God. From the moment we started talking about getting married, one thing God had definitely put into our hearts was to pay off our college debt. We wanted to create a new legacy of debt-free living in our lives and for our future family. We planned to live small in every way. With that attitude, people gifting us in unexplainable ways, surprises, working extra side jobs, Kevin working over time, and our family and friend's encouragement, prayers, and support, today we get to announce that by God's gift and work within us we are....

There are so many people to thank as they walked through this season with us. And there's so much more I want to write on this. But today, and really this whole weekend, we're celebrating!

I'll leave with this. My small group has been reading through Ephesians lately, and midway through Ephesians 2, God promises to prepare good plans for us to walk through. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do. Ephesians 2:10. Reading that passage makes me smile and fills my spirit with a sense of peace. I chose God and He's already prepared the way for me to do good things. But I realized, that these good works He prepares, they're not special "fun" or "gifts" for us to enjoy, necessarily although they very well may be fun and gifts. They are work that He's asking us to do. They're challenges that He's walking us through. Because these good works are not for our enjoyment as much as they are for God's glory! John 3:21 says that "anyone who lives by the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be shown to BE ACCOMPLISHED BY GOD." The scripture says it is accomplished BY GOD! We're not debt free and celebrating this momentous moment in our lives because of my or Kevin's works but because God accomplished them for us.God knew this challenge was coming and He prepared us every step of the way. Celebrating the end of this challenge is celebrating the accomplishments of God! And that's my favorite part of today. 

Thank you Lord, for walking us through every season of paying off our college debt over the last five years. Today, we celebrate YOU and what you've accomplished through us. We praise you God! You are good. You call on your children to do big things and you help us get there. Thank you for foriving my sin and for making me clean. Thank you for the millions of second chances you give us. Lord, today may you be honored. May the words that I speak and the thoughts that I meditate on today bring you praise. Praise You God for all your works are good! Amen

So many thanks to Saxon for our photos!
Find her website here: 
And I super encourage you to go follow her instagram because her pictures are just amazing! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Emergency Room Visit and Life Since

I looked down and saw a small cut on my finger after a glass bowl of water snapped and broke in my right hand as I had begun to lift it from the base of the sink. Frustrated I walked to the paper towels to dab up some of the blood. Then I realized the vibrating sensation in my thumb was not just from the pressure of the bowl snapping back but, from the short glance I took, a gouge in my thumb.

Three weeks ago on a Tuesday night at our church, serving our college ministry by doing dishes, a glass bowl broke and cut deep into my thumb, severing a tendon and a nerve. The hours that followed the event were stressful for me. I've never experienced a severe injury before. I was flustered and super worried about the consequences. I remember sitting in the ER and singing in my mind worship songs, reminding me that God was with me and would be strong for me. The lyrics of Strong Tower by Kutless played over and over again.

You are my strong tower
A shelter over me
beautiful and mighty
Everlasting King
You are my strong tower
Fortress when I am weak

I recalled a blog I had once read, the author was in the hospital for a miscarriage and she wrote about how her husband and herself sang Ten Thousand Reasons by Matt Redman in the room. She chose to think about her mighty Savior and I really wanted, I really needed to do the same. When the ER Dr left the room, Kevin reminded me that God is our strength, he didn't know about the song I'd been singing in my head. All God.

The days following were a blur of pain, stress, and doctors, Ultimately, I ended up with a hand surgeon scheduled to do surgery on my hand early, really early, Wednesday morning of the following week. I'll be in recovery and then physical therapy for 12 weeks or so. I'm hoping I'll be able to write my name on Christmas gift tags!

I've been in prayer and have been turning to worship music more than ever, since I'm not able to journal well. God has definitely given me a spirit of peace about this whole thing, and that's not even one of the things I've prayed for! Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of tears and several moments of fear but those have been fewer than I originally expected of myself. This s defitely one of the most difficult physical trials I've ever gone through. BUT, God's got this. I'm going to trust Him. After all, He's proven Himself faithful time and time again. The enemy will not win.The enemy may have stolen my dominant handwriting hand for a while but he won't win. Till I am fully recovered and healed,  I will practice my left handwriting and hope to get faster at typing with a single hand on the computer. I'll keep going. I'll keep trying. I'll keep pursuing God.

There's so much more I could share about the many blessings I've experienced since or the truth the Lord has shared with me, or the coincidences that are really God's specific organization and not coincidences at all, but I'll leave it here today and simply say thank you to all of you who have reached out, who have prayed, who have driven me to work/to the store/ to the dr, to those who have helped me take notes, who have sent flowers and have overall shown me, such love. Thank you. Thank you to my mom and future stepdad for flying here and taking such care of me and serving Kevin and I. And most of all thank you to my incredible husband who has been with me every step of the way, He has bathed me, dressed me, done my hair and cared for all my physical needs. He has cared for my emotions and spirit even more. Kevin Burns I love you forever and always and I'm thankful for the many real and practical ways you've loved me through this trial.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Sneak Peak

My sweet SIL is getting MARRIED this weekend! My, where oh where has time gone??? I posted about her fun wedding shower here but I'm super excited to share some sneak peaks of the wedding day, if I get a chance to. This will be the second wedding that Kevin and I have had the honor of both being in. Which is just really fun to do together. I've got a navy blue dress, he's got a navy blue tie and we're both itching for wedding day to watch that pretty lady walk the aisle!

In related news, Kevin and I have been working up a little project and decided to take our first stab at the idea with her wedding. I'm not yet ready to give you the full dibs on it but hopefully, I will someday soon!! Until then, you can catch what we've been up to on my instagram. We've been posting little graphics leading up to her wedding. Last night was totally different and I had such fun making it. We're five days (well yesterday, we were, today is FOUR!) out so here's a peak about what we've been up to:

4 days and we'll be pulling out our dance moves...

Friday, August 19, 2016

Coral, Mint and Navy Brunch Shower

A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure, and sweet honor of throwing my sister in love a wedding shower. It's crazy to think about the young teen I met nearly seven years ago has grown into such a lovely, young lady ready to walk an aisle into forever.

As I've done for past showers (see the rustic shower here, oh and their invitation suite, and the couples shower here and here), I crafted the wedding shower in their wedding colors. So far, brides have loved this because it fits with their wedding vision and gives them decor/etc for the wedding day too.

We planned on a brunch theme even though it was later in the afternoon. I just had to attempt some mini chicken and waffles and also this cute donut hole tower. Loved the mini chicken and waffles but that donut tower was way harder than I imagined. Yall, don't do it, not worth it. ;)

We played the "newlywed game" while they opened gifts. It's such a fun way to allow guests to interact with the couple and for the couple to not feel so much pressure while opening gifts. There were some other activities here and there too, like this one. Mostly, we enjoyed time altogether and cheerily chatted about the upcoming wedding day!

Much thanks to the sweet ladies who helped put this lovely afternoon together, Valerie and Jennifer, this wouldn't have happened without you!

What's been your favorite part of a couples shower?

Curious about some of the inspiration? Check out my wedding showers pinterest board.
Fun fact, these are my favorite diy lately for showers!

Friday, June 10, 2016

At Home Finds

A week ago I had the immense pleasure of being a part of the grand opening of our local At Home store. Being from Houston, Texas, I never recall getting overly excited about certain stores coming to the area. Probably, because we generally already had the store, just maybe a few miles farther away. But now living in Oklahoma, I fully realize how exciting it is when a new store "comes to town." Read, I now operate like a small-city girl. The Norman/Moore area has been steadily growing over the last few years adding a bunch of stores that it used to never have, constantly making this area an even better place to live. Our latest edition, At Home, and boy, am I excited about it!

As an interior designer working on my own home and local design projects, I have found our shopping options limited in Norman/Moore. I love me some Target like all of y'all but Target just doesn't have everything and sometimes I really feel their prices aren't all they're chalked up to be on home items.

I texted Holly the day before the event and asked her to come with me, so happy she said yes, and we had the best time together. We really didn't know what to expect when we stepped in At Home but I was super surprised! If you could combine the best of Target's home items, my beloved-The Container Store, World Market and then some, you'd get At Home, only better. I love that it's a giant store of all the small things for your home. They do have some furniture pieces, I was in love with their outdoor furniture items, but I think where they really shine is all the small decor pieces. Everything from rugs and lamps to big artwork for the walls and even organization items for your kitchen cabinets.

The grand opening event floored me! We were greeted by the store owner and plenty of At Home staff that really made us feel welcomed and seemed genuinely excited to be there. There were some yummies for us to munch on too. They gave us a history on the store, did you know they used to be Garden Ridge?!, and information on what to expect, which you can find more on below, and finally the opportunity to go shopping with some of their staff to understand the layout of the store and bring home an item or two for ourselves. It was fun getting to know the other guests there, many of whom were bloggers or social media gurus. Holly and I enjoyed telling people that we met through our blogs and had become best friends. Plus, I knew the gal organizing the event, but just barely, and I just loved getting to chat with her more while we shopped. Seriously, such a wonderful event in my busy work week!

I have to side note here: I really almost had a tear in my eye when I realized we were receiving a gift card to do a little shopping ourselves, I really didn't know what to expect but I did not expect this! I've been wanting to purchase a new lamp for our master bedroom for some time now but just haven't been able to spend the money on a lamp. I kept disappointing myself and telling myself to just wait a little longer. And wouldn't you know it? God hears our littlest desires y'all. This little gift from At Home gave me the opportunity to purchase a lamp! A better one than I really had looked at elsewhere too!

At Home describes their store as a "home decor superstore, carrying over 50,000 unique items at low everyday prices." I feel their description is pretty darn accurate. There is something for every room of your home here, there's even a section for our sweet fur babies! I also have to comment on the prices because I consider myself a pretty price conscious gal. I have to agree that most of the items are at lower prices than you'd find elsewhere but there are a some items that I'd say are on-par with other lower-priced home item stores. Nevertheless, you can't beat the selection. You may get a similar prices elsewhere, but there's certainly going to be at least 5x the options at At Home.

One more thing about At Home that I learned and found really fascinating. They have a design organization that makes it so much simpler for those of you without the "design eye. Every item in their store falls into one of these eight design styles: Library Luxe, Vintage, Gracious Living, Weekend Getaway, Boho Chic, Tribal Cadence, Urban Living, and Modern Metro. Personally, my style is a bit of all of them mixed together. Items in certain design styles are placed next to each other on the shelving. You can go down the lamp row and be able to distinguish the different design styles in groups lining the shelves. I'm loving this as a designer, because I could send a client to the store and tell them to come home with something mid-centuryish (which would fall under the Modern Metro/Urban Living) and they'd be able to easily find just that on their own.

I have a few more updates to make to our master bedroom, but I'm really enjoying how it's all coming together! The lamp was the perfect, last-item-I-needed for our dresser. I smile every time I see it now. I really can't wait to show you but I'm going to wait until the final reveal. I also have been keeping my eye on the lookout for a new lamp for our living room, Secret: I spied one at At Home that'll probably come home to me one day. I'm constantly making little changes to our home but you can find some home tour images here, a shot inside my craft room here and our old master in our old home here.

I had a major blogger fail and totally didn't take enough pictures! I'm learning snapchat and did quite a bit on there but yep, forgot to take enough to share here with you! Guess that means, you'll just have to go yourselves! If you want to see more before going to the store, search #AtHomeFinds in instagram and you'll find a bunch of great shots in the store.

As I mentioned, I did receive compensation for this post with a gift card to At Home. However, all thoughts and opinions mentioned here are truely my honest words.

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