Friday, April 17, 2015

The Pacifier Tree

When I went on search for the Mirror House, I had no idea I would stumble upon a possibly even more intriguing site. As I got close to the kids play area of Faelledparen, I noticed there was a rather colorful tree, I was on mission to find the mirror house though so I pushed past it. Afterwards, though, I just had to stop at look. I thought it was decorated for a birthday or something but as I got closer I saw colorful pacifiers hanging all over it. Some were wrapped up in plastic, and paired with notes written in Danish. Fascinated, I took a number of pictures and made a point to look it up when I got home.

At the age of three years old, in nearly every Danish household, you give up your pacifier. Parents have accomplished this sometimes difficult task with the Pacifier Tree. As the child grows, they're introduced to the tree. When the finally turn three, the idea of giving up their pacifier to the tree is actually exciting.Toddlers package up one or all their pacifiers, and some even write a farewell note. 

Mystery solved.

These trees have become rather popular and are in many of the large parks in Copenhagen (and throughout Denmark and Sweden). I found on in the Frederiksberg park near our home and it was massive. It had it's own little section too, instead of just being a random tree. Almost as if it was placed there for the very reason to be used as the pacifier tree, or "sucky tree" as I've seen it directly translated. It's been followed back to as early as the 1920s but more information seems to lead to the 1960s, according to the City Room blog (link below).

It was fun to see families walk up together and chat, then leave behind their precious pacifiers.

What do you think? Would you do this with your family? Have you seen the one in New York? 

Articles I read:
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Denmark Design, Round Tower, Parks...

Wednesday I woke up with intentions to get out and run again. This time at one of the local parks, Sondermarken. I wanted to stop at a design shop afterwards so I brought the camera and my wristlet with me as well, because getting locked out of the apartment or being out and about with money on hand would be bad. Needless to say, running with these two items was not easy. I felt that I caught some pretty great shots though and absolutely loved exploring the park. They had all kinds of little stations to work on fitness. It buds up next to the zoo too and even had a window viewing in. I could a see a rhino, giraffe, ostriches (worst animal on the planet), rams and more. There were kids everywhere! Plenty of people were out running and enjoying the day. I headed to a well known design shop after and it did not disappoint. Stunning. I now want to add one of their tables to my home wish list. Umm yeah, just ship that to Oklahoma please? Also, the whole store...pack the whole thing into my bags.

I stopped at a grocery store on my way home. At this time it was nearly 1pm and I was starving, I grabbed a giant cinnamon roll and pulled off chunks of it on my way home, let it be known that riding a bike and pulling cinnamon roll chunks out from a package in your basket is not easy. Once home, I put things away, showered and got ready for some other activities.I had planned to go tour the reception rooms of the Christiansborg Palace...well that turned out to be closed. So then I opted to tour The Royal Library...also closed. But don't worry, I found some cannons and snapped a selfie with them..priorities. I wound up back at the shopping district to catch the other big design shops on my list. Again these places did NOT dissapoint. I picked up some gifts for others while there and dreamed about others for my wish list. I also finally got to go inside the Lego Store, did you know Leggos were invented in Denmark? The word, LEGO, literally translated is Danish for "good play."

From there I biked over to a restaurant, Aamans, Kevin and I were going to meet at. Aamans is famous for their smoresboards (an open sandhich, a popular part of Danish cuisine; oh an hey New Yoker friends, they're putting in a location in NYC!). We got one to go, and a slice of pizza from another shop to go (it had chicken and potatoes on it, the danish love their meat and potatoes), of course we had a couple new pastries to try as well, I chose one that I saw all the children leave the bakery know how to pick sweets. We took them all to a park and sat on a bench to eat. It was a sweet moment but cold.

We biked up to The Round Towera 17th century tower with an original observatory at the very top. As the name implies it is indeed round, but instead of a winding stair case it has a winding ramp which was just awesome. It was recently "renovated" to really highlight some parts of it. I am giving a bravo to whomever did the design work. Truly, a beautiful job highlighting the old and making it nice and crisply simple. Once at the top you can go out and look 360 degrees around. The city is a pretty site at night from there. And from the platform, you could go one more level up to the Observatory. There was a giant, old telescope there that they were still using. They had it on the planet, Venus, and then wowed us all when they moved the telescope and rotated the ROOF to point in the direction of Jupiter. So yes, I saw Jupiter, with my own eyes. Kevin loved every minute of it. science guy. We left and could hear the church service going on. It sounded beautiful, we really wanted to sneak in but the doors seemed locked and we didn't want to intrude. We headed home from there. The rest of the night consisted of trying to thaw out, we're convinced you never do thaw fully here.

On Thursday morning, I began the day cooking a nice breakfast for Kevin and tidying up the home, then decided to stay home for the morning and work on some things. I cleaned, and re-arranged. Did some blogging work. I went to leave for the day but realized my phone was about dead, and I'm still pretty terrified of being caught out and about without a phone and  no way to figure out how to get home (the physical map I have does not reach to the area we live in)...I've wandered so much in so many different directions that I'm not confident I could get myself home on my own yet. Once the phone is charged up enough I head out to the Danish Design Museum and Torvehallerne, crazy awesome local market. The design museum was perfect, and I got in for free, win-yay for being 25. I loved every minute of it. They had a special showing of furniture, children's toys and fashion...yep right up my alley. I spotted some iconic chairs that I learned plenty about in school and I gazed longingly at the dresses on display. I know there'd be days where I'd crave some jeans and shorts but I would so love to have lived in a time where women wore ballgowns more often...give me any chance to put on a big pretty dress and I'm SO there. The design museum truly deserves it's own post.

On my way home I stopped at Frederik's Church, nicknamed The Marble Church, outside of Amelienborg...amazing. They ask you to be quiet in there to honor God. My heart just bursted inside. The work was amazing but even more than that I felt the Lord speaking to me, these people loved me this much they created THIS for me. I don't know the people who spent the time working-on/designing the church, and I likely won't talk to anyone who did either but that's what God gave me which I was there. Don't just marvel at beautiful churches friends, understand that these, at least for some, were created out of a heart to make God BIG!

After the church I stopped at Nyhavn. It was busting at the seams. It was about 50+ degrees out and I swear the whole city was outside. Every restaurant was filled. In fact, every ice cream shop had lines of people out the door and around the corner...the people were happily walking around ice cream in hand and coats on. There was a man playing music and there was absolutely no empty bike racks. I snapped a few shots and then stopped in my favorite store, Zane, to eye some beauties that I'm hoping to take home with me...such hard decisions. From there I went to the market and oh my goodness can we PLEASE get something like this in Oklahoma?! There are two larger glass buildings. In each are several vendors selling food products. One has meats and cheeses, and the other has breads and sweets...both had some ready to eat options and in the middle was an outdoor floral and fruit market. LOVED it. I came home with some baked goods and I plan on going back for some of the dips and things they had, I never did this but oh how I wished I had. I had one more stop at a grocery store for some items and low and behold I found TORTILLA chips! I've looked  at at-least ten grocery stores for these. I snagged them up and tried to hold back my excitement. I would definitely miss Mexican food if I ever lived here, I imagine my mom would be shipping me boxes of beans and tortilla chips... Once home, I prepped a little dinner, tidied up and awaited Kevin's arrival. We ate quickly and went to go explore the park I found the other day. SUCH a neat park! We snapped a couple pictures, dreamed about visiting during the day some time and headed back home to warm up our were my thighs freezing!

On Friday, I finally got up at the same time as Kevin. It was not nearly as difficult as I thought it had been the other days.  I got up, made him breakfast, did my Bible study, and got to work on house things like hand washing clothes. never have I ever so enjoyed hand washing clothes. It's sorta dark out today, no sun and colder. I have an architecture tour at 3:30 so other than that I'm prepping for Paris. BECAUSE I'm GOING TO PARIS TOMORROW!!! I can't even believe this is happening!

The architecture tour was really interesting. They are beginning work on expanding the area near the shipping part of the city, back to that land reclamation I talked about. The area will eventually have half residential area and half work places (everthing from a grocery store to big business offices). It's going to be built to the same style as the rest of the city but the looks of it will be more in line with the Harbor area. The bike ride there and home was brutal but do-able. I kept chanting to myself, if they can do I can do it, if they can do it-I can do it...not even kidding. It was RAINING and cold...course the cold has been constant but the rain? Yep, not so fun. That night, we had leftovers and packed/prepped for Paris. PARIS Yall! WHAT?!

Following our time in Copenhagen?
one-Arriving in Copenhagen: The first bike ride
two-A Sunday together: Discovering Nyhavn, a church, Amalienborg, and more
three-Monday & Tuesday: my first days while Kevin is at work. Exploring the city by a run, seeing historical sites, and some new architecture. 
four-The little home we lived in
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